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​WARNING:  The voices individuals are struggling with are going to dissuade the person from reading the information we've posted as it is a threat to the voices (see Letter #2 in Letters to Jerry

as but one example) .​

Letters to Jerry & Testimonials

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That's A Lie Program

by Sherry Swiney

July 21, 2016

Demons Are For Real 

an Introduction for Facebook

​March 11, 2016

List of Lies the Voices

tell Schizophrenic patients

April 08, 2016

Presence of Spirits in Madness

​by  Wilson Van Dusen 

​Copy of 1984 document


 (6 parts):

Part I

Understanding And Getting 

Rid Of The Voices 

Schizophrenics Hear 

​July 18, 2016

Part II

Why Schizophrenics Don't

Go To Church

​Jul6 19, 2016

Part III

Why Do Schizophrenics Keep 

Going Off Their 

Meds Given The Disasterous Consequences?

​August 17, 2016

Part IV

Why So Many Schizophrenics

Avoid Reading The Bible

​September 02, 2016

Part V

Why One Person Is More

Susceptible To

Paranoid Schizophrenia

Than Another Person

September 22, 2016

Part VI

The Truth They Don’t Want

You To Know

​September 30, 2016

The M. Allen Story

A patient who fully recovered from schizophrenia

November 07, 2016

How and Why Schizophrenic 

Voices Manipulate Their

Perception of Reality

​December 09, 2016

Warning notice:
The voices will try to prevent you from
Reading and digesting
Our helpful material

February 05, 2017


​Black Toads

A true story into the mind of

a psychotic patient

(a story from Jerry's book)

August 13, 2017

Demonic Possession is Real

CNN Article

Aug. 4, 2017


Hallucinations Explained

Feb 2, 2016


​Demonology by Mark Crooks

Institute of Mind and Behavior 

(begin on page 257) Published with permission by Editor of the JMB Journal Autumn 2018

The Clinical Characteristics of Possession Disorder Among 20 Chinese Patients in Hebei Provence ​of China

March 1998​

“Enjoy your life in the System, maximize your highs and lows-but don’t become addicted.  Get through being angry at how the system works, the seeming inequities, the unfair advantages, the brutalities, the callousness, the deceit.  It’s a predatory world by design-and it’s a superb teaching machine.” -- Robert Monroe

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High Council of Science,

Gulhane Military Medical Academy  



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'Spiritual' Causes of Schizophrenia


Website: https://www.facebook.com/SMC.SSH/


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Here we cover avenues frequently considered as Paranormal - meaning the unknown or unexplained by conventional science - including psychological phenomena (such as demon/spirit encounters & schizophrenia),  where researchers try to break conventional myths and answer some real questions.  On this page, three researchers are teaming up in search of measurable evidence that one day may be acknowledged by conventional science as the real cause of schizophrenia.