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LETTER #21  This is the third account of EVP experiences.  I didn’t have faith before the voices, I had curiosity, but I didn’t understand what I was messing about with, and the dangers.  Stay strong BE, and I will continue to pray for you.

LETTER #20  This is another account of a friend about their EVP experience.  What I heard is unbelievable BE, but I will write it in my report.  Only one thing: I heard things, that never can come from me or my subconscious.  Submitted by BE 3-18-18

LETTER #19  This is an account of a friend.  I used to enjoy watching Paranormal TV shows involving ghost hunting where they captured EVP…Electronic Voice Phenomenon.  I ordered one and tested it immediately upon its arrival.  Fast forward a few days... To my astonishment I picked up several voices, I was actually shaken when I heard them, but being the curious type, I could not let it go, and decided to investigate further on my own.  Now I can't get rid of the voices.  Submitted by BE 3-18-18

LETTER #18  Swedenborg Foundation sent me to you.  Over the years I've been told maybe someone worked voodoo on me but with my faith I couldn't believe it.  Thank you for taking the time to hear from me.  VW Jan 12, 2017

LETTER #17 I spent all last night and part of this morning waiting for the voices. Every time I prayed I could see them. Some looked like bugs, some looked like monsters, some looked like Minotaurs, and worms, and weird plants that attach to you and eat your feelings, some looked like frogs and they put perversion in your mind.  JC Dec. 05, 2017

LETTER #16  Tactile Hallucinations - 21 months ago, I was laying down doing my deep breathing to go to sleep.  Suddenly there was a darkness and heaviness that came over me from my head down.  My left side was also not working right.  I thought maybe I had had a stroke.  SR Apr. 8, 2017

LETTER #15  Tactile Hallucinations - Hello I was wondering if you could help me with a spiritual problem?  Since I was a child I’ve had vivid dreams of monsters tormenting me.  I need help getting rid of them.  AW Apr. 20, 2017

LETTER #14  Dr. J, I'd like to share a personal experience with the voices and how I dealt with them.  My friend was having strange paranormal activity at her home. I went to visit her and could sense an evil presence watching us.  I decided to challenge it.  AG Mar 26, 2017

LETTER #13 Hi, I've been watching some of the videos on the entities involved with those with schizophrenia and absolutely understand it to be truth. I need your help please?  My mother is suffering at the moment and I believe such entities have a very strong hold on her.  RR Apr 06, 2017

LETTER #12 Thoughts on how the Dark Side Entities are affecting the world’s societies & What is our plan?  A conversation featuring Dr. Hasnain Ali with Jerry Marzinsky and Sherry Swiney.  Feb 28, 2017

LETTER #11 Recently, I acquired 3 very powerful attachments and I would like to share my story of how this particular invasion began and how I became well again.  BK Apr 24, 2017

LETTER #10  How can we discern between thoughts that are parasitic and draining, from those that help us navigate our daily lives?  Is negativity a common denominator?  Thank You, MH  Mar. 21, 2017

LETTER #9  I have a problem that I would categorize as disassociation, in that I'm having compulsive daydreams.  I'm not able to concentrate on what I'm doing because I'm in this other 'world'.  ST Feb. 16, 2017

​LETTER #8  I have a story to tell you.  From a very young age I was targeted by archons.  The first time I really saw a possessed person I was six years old.  Pure evil I felt.  MS Feb. 12, 2017

LETTER #7 Three years ago my brain kept telling me I did this thing even though I know it wasn't real.  Could you help me to understand what this might be?  Sincerely FM Feb. 05, 2017

LETTER #6  I'm a two tour Marine combat vet working with vets with PTSD and all that goes with that; drug & alcohol abuse, etc.   JM Jan. 19, 2017

LETTER #5  I recently attended a case investigation that concerned a young schizophrenic girl seeing demons, and wanted to share with you something VERY interesting that happened.  LT Jan. 23, 2017

​LETTER #4  I was referred to a psychiatrist who even though I did not tick the box of hearing external voices or seeing things diagnosed me with schizotypal disorder.  I know for a FACT the problem is spiritual in nature so I wondered how many others had been written off in this way.  PP Jan. 18, 2017

LETTER #3 These videos are amazing.  These entities work on deep, deep levels, you have to be completely transparent to yourself.  I still get low energy when I’m attacked and it’s very draining, it feels like I’m being suffocated and constricted. MF Jan. 11, 2017

LETTER #2 When I tried to listen to [your] interviews, I fell asleep.  Later, when I tried to remember what was said all I could remember was that there was nothing useful in them.  The deception was complete.  

AN Dec. 28, 2016​

​LETTER #1 ​Have any of your patients had other types of senses involved in these hallucinations, such as sight, feeling a presence, etc?  SM Dec. 11, 2016