Sent: February 16, 2020

​From: Ramstein via Facebook messenger

Hi Jerry, I don’t want to bother you but give you thanks. I am not good at grammar, but have been recorded over 140 IQ and can’t spell.  My thanks come from fighting voices my whole life. I couldn’t drive down the highway without letting go of my steering wheel when I passed on-coming cars.  The voices would tell me to turn in on-coming lane.  I didn’t think I had the strength not to run head-on into another car.  The chatter inside my head pointed to other problems, such as I need drive back home check stove was off, plus tons of other killing thoughts.  I had voices go external when I was 26.  I broke down and went to the doctor.  Just like you said, the voices wouldn’t let me go.  Suicide was a better option than going to the doctor.  I went on pills for 2 months.   

The voices just switched like a tag-team wrestling a massive drunk every day, plus every penny I had gone to gambling.  I was single lost everything: my house, everything.  The worst was to sit on the floor and not understand what going on.  I lost work – a full-time job for 31 yrs now all gone.   I started to research archons then I found you.  Now I understand a new way to think.  

The weirdest thing happens.  My brain went completely quiet.  It almost hurt.  In 2019 I was gamble free.  The night I watched your show something happen.  I think I was so close to figuring it out, but you gave me the last combination.  You explained everything.  An old memory keeps flashing in my head.  I am now getting overwhelmed with old thoughts but the voices are still gone.  I think I should shut the door on bad memories (I think that’s demons food to get back in my head).  

As for the LGBT community, I think are these Demons.  I know gambling clearly is.  The thoughts are so strong you can’t win until you understand they are not your thoughts.  Can you please think about this?  LGBT’s gays, everything, just study that running guy on TV.  He is possessed.  OK, one more side-thought.  If the world is a computer program and we were made to live in perfect peace, they are not Demons then they hacked in and put a virus in us.




Sent: August 19, 2019

From Facebook messenger

Yes, I also have schizoaffective and had experimented with ouija boards "for fun" didn't really believe in them. Maybe this allowed them to enter. The meds stop the physical effects of it now but I have anhedonia, lack of motivation and apathy. I used to have my eyes directed to disgusting things I won't go into, and they would move my head, arms, legs, everything.  Thankfully, the meds stop all that but if I stop them it all comes back again. I guess I should be grateful for the meds working. They would also thought-insert things into my head, the most disgusting and Satanic stuff .... all that has stopped now and I use the "that's a lie" programme yourself and Sherry speaks of. <3 

Anhedonia: Loss of the capacity to experience pleasure. The inability to gain pleasure from normally pleasurable experiences. Anhedonia is a core clinical feature of depression, schizophrenia, and some other mental illnesses.



Sent: January 27, 2019
From Facebook messenger
I wanted to thank you. Your technique was vital. I am teaching the technique to an old girlfriend who is really caught up in some deep lies about her self-worth and she is manifesting a lot of illnesses from her depression/anxiety/manic states. She is a bible-based Christian, and I just try to tweak the wording or the labels so there is alignment with her beliefs. She resisted my help before because she thought it was too "New Age," but I am "bridging" it all for her and she is being more receptive. I can only give her the how-to's of the That's a Lie program, and hope she starts learning to manage her thoughts better. Again, I thank you. And I hope you do publish, and I will do everything I can to share awareness and refer those in need to get a copy of your book.



Sent: June 20, 2019

From Facebook messenger

I am so grateful to hear your u tube interview on Nightflight .....there is such a resonance for me as I have a traumatic life history which started in childhood ....I feel as though I have been under attack my whole life since the childhood.....I have started saying ....That's a lie to the negative programmes..which have resulted in my chronic health conditions ...this is like a lighthouse in a storm ..thankyou thank you



Sent: April 16, 2019

From Facebook page

Hello, I just wanted to let you know, I learned about you through your story on one of the OffTheLeftEye youtube episodes. I've been watching their videos for the past few months and it has really been the only thing to give me a new hope in life and in God. But when I heard the episode you were in and heard you talk about your encounter with the evil spirit, it changed everything. I immediately wrote "that's a lie" on my hand. It was such a relief to hear that the thoughts in my head were not mine!! I've heard that before in the past but I guess it didn't sink in or I didn't believe it or something. Somehow, your story along with that whole episode made sense and I got it!! I so hope I never forget this!!! Thank you so much for your part in that. It made all the difference.



​Sent: March 31, 2019

From the "That's A Lie" program

Before I applied “that’s a lie” to my thought process I was literally consumed with voices, at their worse it sounded like millions of them at a time…That was approx..11 months ago, going back 8 yrs!
So a Facebook friend shared this link and I, with nothing to lose came here. I started and within two to 5 mins they began to flee..it was weird, it was sooo simple! So I went to bed, woke up but there were no voices (they always woke me up) I waited and waited and then I burst out into tears…AMAZING! For the first time in 8 yrs I didn’t have to listen to >>>all those lies! They weren’t just lies…They were by far the most disgusting insults you can imagine! They would scream and yell and gang up on me…Man they HATED me for whatever reason!
So I was thrilled! This technique needs to be done not once or twice but as many times as necessary, whenever you hear any negative thought and it is indeed a lie just simple say, whether internal or external, “that’s a lie!” and send that voice some love, they flee from that sort of thing! That’s what I did and here I sit happy as a clam…thrilled with this new lease on life…it’s soo quiet here, Thank you Sherry!​



Sent: December 19, 2018

From the "That's A Lie" program

I also came across the book erroneous zones It was something I picked up randomly at a thrift store I opened it read a few sentences and thought this is gold. The sad part is I was hearing lots of voices and I received a feeling that I should get rid if this book! So I did … I was also thinking about the origin of thoughts during this time, if I had known that they were demons I would have kept the book. So I an at the other end of the spectrum where everything went wrong, I wonder what would happen if I kept to the ideas in erroneous zones. I was experiencing multiple voices, all from whom I thought were people that I knew. They were negative and kept bringing up events from a long time ago. I had an episode that seemed like schizophrenia, had suicidal thoughts and ended up in the hospital. Once I got out I did a follow up and was prescribed anti-psychotics. I experienced akathesia, the worst feeling in the world I wanted to die. At that time I didn't even know what akathesia was. 4 years later I learned that it is a bad side affect that had to be treated right away, I was prescribed a muscle relaxant to get rid of the akathesia I was experiencing. I also gained 60 pounds. What I am disappointed with is that the doctors never told me of symptoms I would experience. I decided to cut my medication after successfully treating my voices I was overwhelmed with the weight gained and wanted to just believe in my self and know I was going to be alright. So the idea that negative thoughts and voices were demons happened when I tried legal recreational weed. I came out of a high having experiencing my thoughts just flow (coincidence since the strain was called flo) and realized it was not me these thoughts cane from nowhere. I now only experience voices when I sleep (coincidence right, just good timing for the entities) medication helps so I am not stopping. I have seen myself change when I try to be mindful and give less attention to these negative thoughts I feel free. I agree with everything you’re saying, I am just amazed, especially with the synchronicity about the book. I see the synchronicity to, I will do my best to respect others and myself. Also to always love myself and try to fulfill goals and dreams, I wish you Good luck. God bless.



Sent: December 11, 2018 9:51 AM

From Facebook page

Good morning Sherry, I just wanted to share this ongoing conversation I have been having with you in my head for the last week or so. It's been 9 months since i began "that's a lie" and I can safely say that it works every time. At first I thought it was a 'cure-all" and I'd be done with the Archons, but now I realize that this will be an ongoing battle for me. For what ever reasons these Archons feel it is in their best interest to invest such an enormous amount of resources in little ole' me is anyone's guess. You have essentially gifted me> armour, shields, padding ??? whatever it is, I feel safely removed from their ongoing assaults. I feel like I am in a safe place where they really can't get to me, but they are always trying...always! It's like they are smashing at the windows trying to get in, but they can't! Before you entered in my life I thought I was mentally ill. I was trapped in hell being tortured by millions of Archons ie. 50,000+ hrs or 3 million minutes, If you ever wonder why I never stop thanking you it is because of this. Tears are dripping from my eyes right now like they do whenever I really think about you and this...Well you a great day Sherry



Sent: June 6, 2018

From the  “That’s a Lie” Program

These articles speak to me, and could help so many people.  You know those annoying, destructive negative thoughts that pop into your head from seemingly nowhere?  (Yes, I know that sending Universal Love to the Archons that are attacking psychically is a good way to make them go away, but it is not always easy to summon when you are in the throws of an attack.)
The 'It's a Lie' program is going to help me so much.  It is so simple, so elegant.  
This is reblogged with permission, below my comments.  If you know of anyone with issues hearing voices, please forward this to them.




Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2018 8:51:05 AM
From Facebook page 
Hi, I commented on your talk with Marc Gray on YouTube, and told you I was applying the It's a Lie methods. My 26 yo son has been complying with meds, but they weren't working - he was getting worse and worse. (police reports, he made statement he wanted to kill me, destroyed things, kicked holes in walls) What made me suspect there was something "outside of him," was that his nature as a child and younger teen was so mellow and kind. He was struck with it at 19, and I think he smoked Spice and that opened a door, but then before I got pregnant , his father and I played with a Ouija Board, so who knows. I didn't have schizophrenia but I had deep depression , off and on, and I was freed from it by studying a New Thought teacher, Abraham-Hicks, which never conflicted at all with my love of Christ. I cannot even tell you the HUGE RELIEF I saw in my son's face, demeanor and tone of voice, when I apologized to him and said, "Son, I am so sorry that you were all alone and nobody understood what you were going through. I believe you that it is real and not just your imagination ... I found something online that I think can help us." I told him how you compared them to energy vampires and he was like "Exactly!" You have to understand that he had recently been calling me horrible names and saying horrible things -- very vile. He had no respect towards me at all , when he was having an episode. (Episodes were like 70 percent and 30 percent was my REAL son.) I told him about saying ITS A LIE and not engaging. I warned him how they will test him. I explained the "Starving them." Day 4 since I shared the ideas and techniques and I've seen a difference. He has been 100 percent my REAL son, for an entire four days SOLID.


Sent: Sunday, July 1, 2018 12:24:18 PM
From Facebook messager
First message: 
OMG you are amazing! 59 days ago I applied your "that's a lie" technique to my very demonic voices and in two minutes...poof they were gone and haven't returned. Two mths later I am still celebrating. It is soo quiet in my head, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Ps. At their worst there were millions of voices, you saved me from a very nasty hell. xoxo
Second message: 
Unreal Sherry...Thanks. I have shared your website no less than 100 times since then. I was being tortured for over 3 million minutes. They hated me! thanks again
Third message: 
Sherry, When I applied that technique they left in less than two mins. The next morning they returned in a weakened state. That's when I summed every ounce of love in me and that was it, I literally Loved them into non-existence. It was at this time I realized that I received two gifts. One is a shield (That's a lie) and the other is a sword ( Love) These two "tools" are what you really gave me. Crazy now as I speak tears of joy fall from my face...wow...Have a great day
Now that's joy.



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