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About Keyhole Journey

Hello and Welcome!

We continue to evolve with our website.  In the beginning we were activists for prison and judicial reform in the United States (our first website which contains about 11,000 pages of data).  That lasted until 2009 when I had a life-changing experience.  I realized that spending countless hours, dollars and heartbreak on this segment of the broken system in the United States would have little to no affect without the core reasons for this dysfunction being discovered.  Indeed our prisons and judicial systems are corrupt and tainted beyond imagination.  However these problems, serious as they are in destroying lives, minds and communities are just the tip of the iceberg. They are a symptom of a much larger situation.  I had to travel deeper down the rabbit hole to look for the core issue. Any system will correct itself when the core reason is found and healed.

​Hence I changed our website, placing the prison and judicial reform activities in a separate section. The 11,000 pages of original data remain in tact and available for students and researchers.  The new section (our second website) focused on (1) things that are wrong in the US and the world; (2) ideas for how to make long-lasting changes that will be beneficial to all human kind, and (3) out-of-the box discoveries and ideas that could be used to enhance a person's mind, i.e., to help us begin to think out of the box too and to realize our full potential. 

The greatest lie we’ve ever been told is that we are helpless and unworthy.  We are indeed the opposite.  There is indeed more to life than being a cog in the wheel of unsustainable progress.  Human nature is not warlike.  We had to learn things that are actually against human nature.  We had to learn to believe in the lies.

For me, discovering these things felt like peeking through a keyhole, seeing a world that seems beyond our reach.  There is much to unlearn.  We unlearn by seeking truth without fear.  “When one who is honestly mistaken hears the truth, one will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest.” --Thomas Paine

In THIS KEYHOLE JOURNEY website, the other two websites remain in tact and are linked on the KEYHOLE JOURNEY home page.  In 2014 I lost routine access to my webmaster for the other two websites and am not qualified to make changes that are solely written in HTML. So, I needed a way to continue compiling - all in one place - information that is important to our world, to the grand shift that is taking place in the minds of millions of people, to the latest developments in science, medicine, spirituality, politics, etc.  In general the specific purpose is for healing our minds, emotions, psyches, bodies, as well as healing what we have done to our planet through ignorance.  Let's face it. Ultimately, we are all responsible for the condition we are in on Planet Earth.
We are still at Type Zero​, and we need to move forward to become a civilized world.

Doing these things - making these corrections - will benefit life on earth for everyone and everything - not just the few or the select. As a species on this planet, we have made a lot of mistakes for a long time and it's time to get busy correcting them. No one likes to admit they’ve made a mistake.  We are allergic to that.  Have you ever wondered where that kind of sensitivity came from?

I don't have all the answers.  No one does.  BUT collectively, we have the answers that will make this world a great place to live for everyone who lives here.  Here on the KEYHOLE JOURNEY WEBSITE you will find a collection of information by people who spend a lot of time doing research.  We will post the "good, the bad and the ugly" and we hope you benefit from all of it.  All human beings, after all, are brothers and sisters.  Yes, I know.  Some of you will balk at that idea, but think about it.  Regardless of a person’s color or origin, inside we are all human beings.  That makes us one human family.  And guess what?  Earth is our home.  Let’s end destroying our home and each other.  Let’s become civilized.  It’s time.

WITH ALL THE PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD TODAY, HOW DO WE DO THAT? Strange as it may sound, the best and most powerful thing anyone can do for all the problems on earth is to look within and make changes on an individual basis.  It does no good to point out what’s wrong with others when we too are following misconstrued teachings and ideas about ourselves.  It is our hope that the information presented in KEYHOLE JOURNEY will entice you to dig deeper – so deep that you actually Remember Who You Are.


​Sherry Swiney