ODD THOMAS full movie 2013

​An ordinary guy with a paranormal secret: he sees dead people

New 9/11 Documentary

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(1994) The Clinton Chronicles

Trance-Formation Movie - Max Igan (2013)

Exposing the Meme that enslaves Society.

Battleship Movie

Gratitude: The Short Film by Louie Schwartzberg

Thunderbolts of the Gods | Official Movie

Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

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The Choice is Ours (2016) Official Full Version

OBEY: The Death of the Liberal Class - full film ​Video 

​My dinner with Andre

Room 237

Full Length Documentary

Don't Mention the Reptilians Documentary 2018

Resonance: Beings of Frequency (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

The New
American Century

Published Sep 10, 2015 Earthing Documentary

Water, the Great Mystery - full film

Future By Design - The Venus Project

Billions in Change Trailer - Full film:


Quantum Communications

David Sereda

Billions In Change 2 Official Film (2017)

Zeitgeist Addendum Movie 2008

The Secrets of Water, The Documentary of Viktor Schauberger "Comprehend and Copy Nature"

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (full movie) 2012

The Last Keepers Movie

Garbage Warrior Earth Ships

What The Bleep Do We Know (2004)

Connecting With Universal Consciousness

The Cosmos and Quantum Universe

Part (1)

David Sereda

Don Peyote

Full Movie

Carmen Boulter Discoveries after the Pyramid Code 

The Mystery of the Kansas Gnome Homes

The Jewish Impact on World History

Dead Men's Secrets - George Gordon forbidden archeology (Full Length))

They Live 1988 full movie

Back to Eden 

​Simple Sustainable Solutions

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Pyramid Code 

Max Igan's The Calling - It's Time To Wake Up

War on Health Documentary exposing the FDA

THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take

'41' FREE MOVIE - Never released time travel film