8.   The value of exercise

Exercise is safe, good for the brain, and a powerful antidote to depression and anxiety, both immediately and in the long term.  "If you exercise on a regular basis, you'll have more self-esteem and feel healthier," says Drew Ramsey, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University, who blogs at www.DrewRamseyMD.com

Twenty-one minutes: That's about how long it takes for exercise to reliably reduce anxiety, studies show, give or take a minute.  "If you're really anxious and you hop on a treadmill, you will feel more calm after the workout," Dr. Ramsey says. 

Hold your breath!  Ok, let it out now.  We're not recommending that you turn blue, but yoga breathing has been shown to be effective in lowering stress and anxiety.  In his bestselling 2011 book Spontaneous Happiness, Andrew Weil, MD, introduced a classic yoga breathing technique he calls the 4-7-8 breath. 

One reason it works is that you can't breathe deeply and be anxious at the same time.  To do the 4-7-8 breath, exhale completely through your mouth then inhale through your nose for a count of four.  Hold your breath for a count of seven.  Now let it out slowly through your mouth for a count of eight.  Repeat at least twice a day. 

9.   The value of getting restful sleep without drugs
Sleep deprivation is typically experienced by schizophrenics but many people suffer lack of restful sleep. 

How to Get Deep Sleep for Health – Did you know that sleeping pills only get you an additional 11 minutes of sleep?  Or that they can cause you to feel tired the next day?  Here is the formula for getting great, high-quality REM sleep in 5 to 21 days WITHOUT drugs.

One of the first things that must be understood if a cure is ever to be affected is that the voices these patients hear are NOT hallucinations.  As these patients have been attempting to tell psychiatrists for decades, their voices are very real.  

The patient also needs to understand that the negative, derogatory thoughts the voices insert into their minds do not belong to them and are not them.  This information is vehemently resisted by the voices and they typically become very active when this information is provided to the patient.  

The patient must understand that the voices are conscious entities that are capable of inserting destructive thoughts into their minds for the purpose of generating negative emotion.  In other words, the patient needs to grasp that the voices are something other than the patient and that these conscious entities are literally attacking them to get them emotionally upset or severally agitated. 

The voices have one goal: to feed off of the negative emotional energy they generate within their victims.  Without this food source, they die.  For them their ability to generate negative emotional energy from their victims is a matter of survival.  This is why they are so persistent.  The couldn’t care less how much damage and suffering they cause their human hosts, much as most people don’t care about the horrible conditions in which factory farmed cattle are kept prior to slaughter.  

Over the 35 years I’ve been working with and analyzing the effect of different treatment techniques on these voices there is one general rule by which I navigated.  I honed in on any course of action about which the patient told me the voices didn’t like or complained.  My reasoning was that if the voices complained then the technique must be bad for them.  

The problem I encountered was that when the voices were subjected to such tactics they became louder, more hostile and more volatile in an attempt to stop the patient from carrying out these new methods.  Patients struggled with increased anxiety, agitation and upset as they attempted to carry out techniques the voices didn’t like.  Implementation became extremely difficult in the face of the unwritten law of psychiatry that nothing be done to upset psychotic patients.  From their point of view, under the best circumstances these patients were unpredictable and potentially volatile.  

I sensed that at some level, psychiatrists were fearful of these patients.  The abnormally high rate at which schizophrenic patients assaulted psychiatrists who spent significantly less time with them than other professional staff lent credence to their belief.  As such, psychiatrists who often wielded the most control over other treatment staff forbade any staff behavior that would upset schizophrenic patients.  This was a significant impediment. 

Under such circumstances, the work I was doing with my patients had to be done clandestinely and below the radar of psychiatrists who didn’t take kindly to being defied.  Over the years I discovered several tactics that both irritated and weakened the voices.  As they evolved and were perfected, schizophrenic patients actually began to recover.  Their voices disappeared and they went off their medications with no ill effects.  Even though patients were demonstrating success, I was constantly in trouble with psychiatrists and psychologists who believed this was impossible.  

After schizophrenic prisoners on my caseload began recovering, I was brought to the complex medical director for questioning by the chief psychologist, who viewed recovery as ridiculous.  

The chief psychologist had a valid MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) which had been given to one psychotic prisoner prior to the time I began working with him.  I thought the chief psychologist would be thrilled that some method had been found to cure schizophrenic inmates and thus reduce the medical cost of anti-psychotic drugs.  I could not have been more wrong.  It turned out he was vehemently opposed to inmates being helped by non-traditional methods despite the fact that they worked.  

When the chief psychologist learned that one of the inmates I had been working with had voluntarily gone off his medications and displayed no psychotic symptoms he sent one of his stooges down to interrogate this inmate.  The lackey psychologist brought the inmate into his office and demanded to know what we were doing in our sessions.  He was perplexed by the fact that where other treatment staff couldn’t stand working with psychotic patients for more than twenty minutes, there were times I was spending two to three hours alone with them.  

This disingenuous psychologist cornered the inmate and demanded to know what we were doing.  The formerly psychotic inmate sensed what was going on, realized they would never understand the truth and not only refused to tell him anything about these treatment techniques but insulted him, “He’s helping us not like you asshole.”  The inmate could have gone all day without making that remark as it only infuriated the already frustrated psychologist.  

The inmate was asked if he would be willing to take another MMPI.  Seeing no harm in it, he agreed.  This second profile also came out valid as did his first profile however the test revealed the man was no longer psychotic.  The result of this second test triggered the inquisition and I was brought up before the medical director on charges of experimenting with inmates without department approval, something I would never have received.  

None of the inmates I’d worked with who recovered were hearing voices any more.  They were living a life as normal as possible within the prison and refused to serve as witnesses against me.  Their refusal to go along with the inquisition board was one of the most sincere complements I’d ever received.  With no proof other than the MMPI, I narrowly avoided being fired.  I was now on Chief’s shit list. 

At this point with an awareness of what these patients were going through and what the voices were telling them I was able to forge relationships with schizophrenic inmates easily.  I taught them things about their voices that they didn’t even know and showed them how to disrupt and weaken the voices.  They were shown that with much effort they could eventually get rid of them.  

One of the most valuable things my successful patients had to comprehend was that there was a vast difference between what they personally intended for themselves and the behavior they were carrying out at the behest of the voices.  

It had to be clearly pointed out that it wasn’t their intention to find themselves in prison or any of the many other troubles they had gotten themselves into by listening to their voices.   

They had to be asked straight up, “Was it your intention to do… whatever behavior got them in trouble or thrown into prison?”  Their most common response would be something to the effect of, “No it wasn’t my intention to get into all this trouble and I didn’t want it to come to prison.”  

Then I would ask them “If it wasn’t your intention that got you into this mess, then whose was it?”  

The spotlight was then turned for the patient to begin examining the difference in what he or she actually intended for their lives and what the voices intended for them.  It is critical that this differentiation in intention be made.  

Once the patient realizes that they are not fighting against themselves and are not crazy as psychiatry is telling them, and they clearly see the difference between who they are and what the voices are, they experience a massive relief.  Their confusion dissipates.  They see that there is within them a foreign insertion, an enemy that they can now “see”, from which they can remain distanced and protected.  They see that there are tools to fight back against this enemy and they readily put them to use.  It is our intention to give everyone these tools so they can carry on this battle to help them achieve freedom from the voices.   

Treatment Tactics that Weaken and Starve out the Voices (1 to 10)

All of the following steps work together for optimum success. 

1.   Repeat positive spiritual material used as a mantra 
This exercise is toxic to the voices (
See Part IV).

2.   Snap a rubber band
This exercise distracts the voices. 

The voices have the ability to distract a patient’s attention from repeating positive spiritual materials.  They do this by telling the patient there a threat in their environment or there is something else more important that needs to be done.  This is where the paranoid in paranoid schizophrenia comes from.  Here is where the voices need to be stopped from distracting the patient long enough for the patient resume repeating the mantras in step 1 above. 

Dr. Van Dusen sent me a book entitled “Thirty Years Among the Dead” where a doctor trained as a dentist and his wife began working with and curing schizophrenics.  He utilized a weak static electricity shock to drive the voices out of the patient at which point his psychic wife took over.  He discovered that upon the administration of such weak shocks, the voices shut up and if it were kept up they would temporarily leave.  

I couldn’t get away with shocking the schizophrenic patients I was working with.  I was already in hot water with the chief psychologist.  I wracked my brain for something that would approximate a shock and after some weeks saw a rubber band on a secretary’s desk.  I scarfed it up and asked one of my patients to put it around his wrist and snap it hard every time the voices came then eagerly waited his report of the result.  

When he returned the next week he told me that although the voices did distract him from repeating the spiritual material (step 1 above), he was aware of their presence and when he realized they were talking to him, he snapped the rubber band hard.  The voices shut up long enough for him to turn his attention to the repetition of the spiritual material.  

When the chief psychologist found I was handing out rubber bands for patients to snap on their wrists in order to shut the voices up, he considered it nonsense and I was ordered to stop. 

3.   Avoid any negative source or situation which fosters negativity or creates negative emotion
This exercise helps keep the door to negative influences closed. 

It was early on that I noticed that schizophrenics avoided church and virtually all positive spiritual activity and material but were attracted to negative material.  Like moths flying toward a flame, they were attracted to all kinds of negative information and environments.  They glued themselves to horror stories, murder mysteries, negative and fearful news reports, war stories, news of murders and any violence displayed in movies or on the TV all energetically penetrating the patient’s emotions which fed the voices.   

If they had any friends, they were usually a bad influence.  Finding this curious I ran a series of inquiries.  I had a number of these patients read a paragraph of positive spiritual material then read a paragraph of a horror story.  I then had them write down everything they remembered about each paragraph.  They consistently remembered significantly more of the negative material than they did the positive.  It was almost like when they were reading the negative material another mind was also reading and concentrating, giving them increased memory on the content, but when they read the positive spiritual material, this other mind disappeared and they only remembered half or less of the content.  

Therapists and family working with these patients must understand that their voices feed off negative emotional energy and when exposed to destructive information and environments the negative emotion generated only increases the strength of their voices.  The patient will complain bitterly if they can’t watch their walking dead movies or their murder mysteries.  They must understand that this kind of fearful, anxiety-provoking information that floods us from our TV’s feeds and strengthens these entities – not just in schizophrenics, but in all of us. 


6.   Natural remedies for reducing stress, anxiety and depression

When stress, anxiety and depression are reduced, it is easier for the patient to concentrate on steps 1 to 5 above.  

No Rx needed.  You're anxious, worried, freaked.  You're upset about money, health, work, family, love.  Your heart is beating fast, your breathing is shallow and rapid, your mind is imagining doom, and you wish you could just relax…now!  Whether you have a full-blown anxiety disorder or are just freaking out, you may NOT want to try medication first—at least not yet. 

There are many safe nondrug remedies for anxiety, from mind-body techniques to supplements to calming teas.  Some start working right away, while others may help lessen anxiety over time.  Here are just a few.  We recommend that you always use the highest quality you can find and always look for non-GMO and organic.  You may want to seek a trained herbalist or homeopathic practitioner for further information. 

Chamomile – If you have a jittery moment, a cuppa chamomile tea might help calm you down.  Some compounds in chamomile (Matricaria recutita) bind to the same brain receptors as drugs like Valium. 

You can also take it as a supplement, typically standardized to contain 1.2% apigenin (an active ingredient), along with dried chamomile flowers.  In one study at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, in Philadelphia, patients with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) who took chamomile supplements for eight weeks had a significant decrease in anxiety symptoms compared to patients taking placebo. 

L-theanine (or green tea) – They say Japanese Buddhist monks could meditate for hours, both alert and relaxed.  One reason may have been an amino acid in their green tea called L-theanine, says Mark Blumenthal, of the American Botanical Council. 

Research shows that L-theanine helps curb a rising heart rate and blood pressure, and a few small human studies have found that it reduces anxiety.  In one study, anxiety-prone subjects were calmer and more focused during a test if they took 200 milligrams of L-theanine beforehand. 

You can get that much L-theanine from green tea, but you'll have to drink many cups—as few as five, as many as 20. 

Dietary supplements containing
L-theanine are promoted for their ability to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and improve sleep, as well as boost concentration and alertness. 

Valerian – Some herbal supplements reduce anxiety without making you sleepy (such as L-theanine), while others are sedatives.  Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) is squarely in the second category.  It is a sleep aid, for insomnia.  It contains sedative compounds; the German government has approved it as a treatment for sleep problems. 

Valerian smells nasty, so most people take it as a capsule or tincture, rather than a tea.  If you want to try it, take it in the evening—not before you go to work!  Valerian is often combined with other sedative herbs such as hops, chamomile, and lemon balm. 

Passionflower – In spite of the name, this herb won't help you in love.  It's a sedative; the German government has approved it for nervous restlessness.  Some studies find that it can reduce symptoms of anxiety as effectively as prescription drugs.  It's often used for insomnia. 

Like other sedatives, it can cause sleepiness and drowsiness, so don't take it—or valerian, hops, kava, lemon balm, or other sedative herbs—when you are also taking a prescription sedative. 

Be careful about using more than one sedative herb at a time, and don't take passionflower for longer than one nth at a time. 

Ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng or Withania somnifera, is an effective herb for stress. 

A 2012 study published in the Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine found that ashwagandha root is effective in reducing stress and anxiety in adults by lowering levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.  It also improves resistance to stress, which in turn improves the quality of life. 

In addition, ashwagandha strengthens the nervous system, boosts energy, fights fatigue and improves the quality of sleep. 

This herb is readily available in the market in fresh root, dried root, powdered or supplement form.  The recommended dose is 1 to 2 grams of the fresh or dried root boiled in 1 cup of milk or water, 3 times daily.  

Holy basil is another cherished Ayurvedic herb that works as a natural anti-stress agent.  Being an adaptogenic herb, it enhances the body’s natural response to physical and emotional stress.  Plus, it helps the body function properly during times of stress.

According to a 2006 study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, holy basil protects against chronic restraint stress-induced changes, through its central effect.

Chew 10 to 12 fresh holy basil leaves twice daily.  You can even drink a cup of basil tea to reduce stress.  To make the tea, put 1 tablespoon of fresh basil leaves in a cup of boiling water.  Cover and steep for 5 minutes. Strain, add some raw honey and sip the tea slowly.
Eat omega-3s – You know fish oils are good for the heart, and perhaps they protect against depression.  Add anxiety to the list.  In one study, students who took 2.5 milligrams a day of mixed omega-3 fatty acids for 12 weeks had less anxiety before an exam than students taking placebo. 

Experts generally recommend that you get your omega-3s from food whenever possible.  Oily, cold-water fishes like salmon are the best sources of the fatty acids; a six-ounce piece of grilled wild salmon contains about 3.75 grams.  Other good choices are: anchovies, sardines, and mussels.

7.   The value of eating a healthy diet

First, you have to intensively detox the body to draw out any neurotoxins that may have accumulated in the nervous system which hinder brain function.   

Second, since many neurotransmitters like serotonin are produced in the gut, you need to detox and strengthen the digestive system.  Healthy fats and a vitamin/mineral rich diet have incredible effects on people suffering with Schizophrenia.   

All these lifestyle and diet changes combined with corrective chiropractic treatments to stimulate the nervous system will promote healing and proper neurological function. 

You may be surprised to learn that when the body is cleared of toxins, steps 1 to 6 are much easier to do.  This means you can expect the voices to poo-poo nutrition as anything viable or effective regarding healing the “mental disease and hallucinations of psychosis”.  Of course, that’s another lie. 

One of the most important factors in overall brain health, but also specifically for mental illnesses and invasions by the voices is nutrition.  So the first two videos will be an excellent start.   

Here are the first two couple videos: 


Hacking Your Brain

 “Almost nothing you think you know – your beliefs, your truths – actually comes from first hand experience.  Almost everything that you think is true was actually told to you by someone else.  You assume that what is being told to you by authorities and news media (third parties) is true but you weren’t there so you are depending on what they told you to be true.  Well, what happens when it turns out that those third parties are deliberately lying to you, or withholding information or falsifying or distorting information?  That’s actually the system in which we live: the media, government, institutions, and academia.  Every sector of society is engaged in an elaborate scheme of lies and distortions and yet they have the ambience of apparent authority and so they are believable by most people.  It is these institutions that create this fictional construct in your mind which we could call the matrix, psychologically.  […]  Reality then becomes whatever is promoted by the consensus institutions of official narratives.”  Watch this video by
Natural News.

Peeling the Onion of Truth 

It is no accident that you have found this article.  You have been told by psychologists, psychiatrists and the medical profession that there is no cure for paranoid schizophrenia, and that this is a mental disorder caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.  You have been told the only treatment available is for patients to take anti-psychotic drugs for the rest of their lives.  In the case of paranoid schizophrenia this is not necessarily true.  



September 30, 2016
By DrJ / Jerry Marzinsky BA M.Ed.

(co-created with Sherry Swiney)

In Part VI (final) we discuss:

  • Peeling the Onion of Truth
  • Hacking Your Brain
  • Paranoid Schizophrenia can be Cured
  • New Understanding of Science and Medicine
  • Changing the Mindset
  • Treatment Tactics that Weaken and Starve out the Voices​
  • ​In Conclusion

Click here to see a list of common lies the voices tell people to keep them off balance and generate negative emotion.  This list cannot possibly cover every single lie ever spoken by the voices.  It’s just a guideline we hope you find useful.  No matter who you are or what your life has been like so far, none of the statements on this list are true.  They are all lies designed to get your negative energy flowing in anticipation for the next buffet.

The “That’s a Lie Program” was developed by Sherry Swiney.  I’ve found it to be very powerful and easy to use in clinical practice.  I have used this program with excellent success and I highly recommend it as a standard of practice during the process of healing.  Her article on the program explains how she developed this program and how it worked to eliminate the voices from her life.  

Below is an excerpt of her article.  

“I have received numerous emails from ordinary people asking me to explain the “That’s a Lie” program I used to get rid of the voices I heard and suffered with as a young woman.  I got rid of these horrible voices on my own without the help of psychologists or psychiatrists or their toxic drugs.  I did this after discovering the truth about what they actually were, the same truths we are giving you in this series of articles that cost you nothing. 

For those of you who hear voices or are consumed by strong and obsessive negative thoughts, it is critical that you understand that the voices and persistent negative thoughts that plague you do not belong to you.  They are not yours.  They come from outside of you. 

They are NOT hallucinations and you are not crazy.  They are conscious, energy parasites and must turn your emotions negative in order to utilize this energy as food.  Their survival depends on forcing you to generate negative emotion then draining and feeding off this negative emotional energy.  They cannot produce it themselves.” 

Click here for the That’s a Lie Program and how to utilize it.

Then to understand all the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to promote healthy brain function watch this video: 

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Paranoid Schizophrenia can be Cured 

As we suggested in Part V, there is a cure that individuals in the powerful pharmaceutical industry and within the AMA may not want you to know.  We will discuss healing specifics in a moment. 

Powerful organizations and others of their ilk in every sector of life have a history of taking action against those who provide information which would benefit the entire human race at the expense of their profit margin, and in that regard, the field of mental health is no different.  One doctor came right out with the truth: “A patient cured is a customer lost.” 

If I and others like Dr. Van Dusen hadn’t gone against the grain to study the voices for decades and if we had not experienced them first hand, the following would sound like it came right out of the pages of some science fiction novel but the truth of the matter is this:  The voices are conscious, aware entities with different levels of intelligence.  They want the patient to think the destructive, abusive thoughts coming into his head belong to him and are of him.  They don’t want the patient to discover that the voices are coming from a totally separate mind, a mental, parasitic entity which has invaded their consciousness and thought processes.  The voices don’t want their victim to become aware of this.  Making patients think they are both insane and out of control generates much more fear and negative emotion on which the parasites may feed.  

Psychiatry and the AMA are doing these patients a grave injustice by telling them the voices they hear are unreal hallucinations without having done a single study as to their content or how they operate.  What they do provide to the patient is a message of hopelessness and despair, and they do not want others in the field investigating the voices.  

Such an attitude fits nicely with the agenda of the voices, albeit inadvertently.  The voices themselves don’t want you or the establishment to know there is a way to get rid of them, that there is a cure.  

They do not want their true nature to be discovered.  Their greatest fear is the information we are providing you.  They feed off of fear, guilt, shame and all negative emotion.  They are parasites that drain their hosts of their life energy.  

Drawing from the personal experiences of researchers who had direct experience with the voices (Dr. Van Dusen and Sherry Swiney) and based on my experience in interviewing and working with many hundreds of schizophrenic patients who hear these voices, what I know is this: (1) the voices are very real, just as these patients have been trying to tell psychiatry for decades, they are not hallucinations; (2) they require negative emotional energy for sustenance; (3) to feed themselves they must generate strong emotion in their victims and turn it negative as they cannot produce negative energy on their own; (4) they fear churches, holy text and any positive spiritual path that reduces fear, guilt and anxiety; (5) they fear being discovered; (6) they do not want humans interfering with their way of life; and (7) when the voices are silenced by any method, the symptoms of schizophrenia vanish. 

The “That’s a Lie” program is a mental program that if utilized conscientiously will significantly weaken the voices or any negative thought patterns and will empower you.  It is a program you can use any time, anywhere and no one can take it away from you.  Basically one needs to be aware of the fact that everything the voices tell you about yourself and who you are is not true.  It’s a lie.  They are good at that.  The phrase, “That’s a Lie” is easy to remember when in the throws of an attack by the voices.  That’s what makes this program so effective.

New Understanding of Science and Medicine 

For well over a decade while working with schizophrenic patients in a state hospital, state prison, mental health centers and hospital ERs, I believed the voices were the manifestations of a split mind.  This is what the Ivory Tower had taught me.  This view of what the voices were was so ingrained that for many years, despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary, I denied and suppressed what I was seeing, hearing and experiencing as I dived deeper into studying these voices. 

As patient interviews piled up and a stream of steadily increasing evidence pointed elsewhere, I rationalized it as it didn’t fit what I was trained to believe.  Some part of me didn’t want to believe the information my patients were telling me about the predictable patterns in the behavior of their voices.  As I discussed different methods to break up these patterns, virtually every patient I worked with intensively told me that their voices despised me.  Different patients in different places at different times were all telling me the same thing; their voices were telling them I was crazy, dangerous, not to listen to anything I said, to cancel their appointments and stay clear of me.  

Once my patients discovered that what I told them about their voices not only matched what they were experiencing but that I knew much more about how they worked than they did, despite the raving of their voices to stay clear, they kept coming.  The more they listened to my feedback, the more new information they received about their voices.  Most not only kept their appointments, they followed through with the exercises given them which were designed to disrupt and weaken the voices.  Then one day a schizophrenic prisoner who was making good progress told me his voices were getting very upset with me.  As he left my office he turned and said, 

“You know what you are doing is dangerous don’t you?”  

A couple of weeks later he showed up for his scheduled appointment and said, “The voices want to talk to you.”  Over the many years I’d been working with schizophrenic patients, this had never happened.  They always used the patient as their mouthpiece and patients would tell me what the voices were telling them.  After I got over the shock I asked, “Well what do they have to say?” 

The prisoner’s voice deepened slightly and the words of the voices that came out of his mouth seared my psyche:  

“You have no right to interfere with OUR way of life.” 

The prisoner insisted those were not his words, but were those of his voices.  My already shaky denial system collapsed.  The ominous message made it very clear that whatever the voices were, they were different, independent and separate from whom the patient was.  

I could no longer deny what I’d increasingly been suspecting.  Schizophrenics weren’t operating with a split mind as academia had programmed me to believe.  Whatever it was that had warned me off was a source foreign to, independent of and outside of the mind of my patient.  The realization that schizophrenia was not due to a split mind but caused by the invasion of another mind separate from that of the patient was as much of a shock as being struck by a lightening bolt.  Whatever it was that had spoken to me had spoken for not only itself, but for a group, “OUR way of life.”  

I struggled with this realization for weeks.  There was no one I could speak to about it who wouldn’t think I had gone totally insane.  Frightened yet curious I continued asking questions about the voices feeling confident that whatever the voices were, they could not get at me in any way other than ordering patients to attack me.  My patients told me commands of attack from the voices were common.  However none of them ever carried out such commands.  

Now that the split mind segment of my denial system collapsed, I held on tightly to the belief that the voices could not affect physical reality.  A week later I was given a lesson to the contrary.  It was so terrifying that I didn’t schedule this man back for a return appointment for over three months when my curiosity overcame my fear.  

I needed to find someone who understood and with whom I could discuss these experiences.  I had read Dr. Wilson Van Dusen’s book “The Presence of Other Worlds” years before.  A clinical psychologist working within a California state hospital had also carried out investigations and experiments into the nature of the voices schizophrenics heard and had come to a similar conclusion.  

He published his book in 1974.  It was a groundbreaking study of the voices schizophrenics heard.  He found that not only were the voices conscious entities that he could communicate with, but they had intent and that intent was the destruction of his patients.  He verified my findings that the voices are not hallucinations, but conscious, negative, malicious entities bent on the destruction of the patients they infested.  I strongly advise those who are reading this article to also read his
book which is available in .pdf format online.

Dr. Van Dusen’s work confirmed my findings and I had to find him.  I went through the
Swedenborg Society which had published his book, wrote him and told him what I was finding.  At that time he had retired and no longer had access to the clinical populations that I did.  We formed a working relationship.  He suggested measures that would reveal additional information about these voices and I carried them out to the extent I could as well as some of my own.  For more than a year I worked intensely with him, verified all he had written and added astronomically to it.  The most important and critical thing that both of us agreed upon and felt we had to make known to others was the fact that it was the voices which both caused and drove paranoid schizophrenia

If the voices could be gotten rid of, all symptoms of this horrible mental and emotional state disappeared with them.  We began writing a book together and had three chapters finished before he died of cancer.  I hope to include some of the work we did together in the book I am writing.

It is clear that modern medical science does not know what causes paranoid schizophrenia.  None of their expensive treatments or medications cures it.  It is not that these medications don’t have their place in the treatment of this condition.  Often they are necessary to calm patients down and suppress the voices to the point where the patient is calm enough to hear the information roadmap we provide that, if implemented conscientiously, would help them fight their way back to coherence.  In many cases we’ve found that without the initial use of anti-psychotic medications the voices become so loud that attempts to provide this information to the patient are drowned out.  

Once a patient is able to hear what we have to say they can be made aware that there are many ways to strike back at and weaken these voices who have turned their lives into a living hell without having to be chained to anti-psychotic medications which when used for prolonged periods of time cause permanent, irreversible damage to their nervous systems.  The effectiveness of this information requires a drastic change of mindset and the forsaking of everything they have been told about this condition. 

Changing the Mindset 

It is the voices that drive paranoid schizophrenia and if they can be eliminated by any means, all the symptoms of this condition disappear with them.  Paranoid schizophrenia is not caused by any physical disorder of the brain.  In truth, this is a condition and not a mental disorder.  People hearing these voices are not crazy but rather they are infested by a parasitic, destructive alien consciousness which feeds off of them like fleas feed off of mammals. 

In the book we started writing, Dr. Van Dusen and I postulated that the voices are far different from the hallucinations as modern medical science insists.  They are conscious entities.  There are numerous studies available on what the voices are called by cultures around the world.  The names of the voices have been consistent for thousands or years and are still used today. 

In Conclusion 

I have done a few video interviews which are all
available here.  The videos can be a very valuable asset in your battle against the voices.  They discuss many of the things covered in this six part series. 

It is our hope that this series has been helpful to you as you work toward understanding what the voices are and how to eliminate them from your life or the lives of others without prolonged use of the debilitating drugs which with long term use cause permanent neurological damage.  

We are aware that both the AMA and pharmaceutical industries are not going to want you to have this information and most likely will suppress it when they become aware of it.  For those of you who have the light to see the truths in what we’ve written, we ask you to spread this information as quickly and as widely as possible so that it proliferates so widely they will be unable to clean the internet of it.  They make no profit if people are cured, they make billions by telling people there is no cure; that victims are insane and must take expensive toxic drugs repeatedly for the rest of their lives.  

For the sake of the many millions of people on the planet suffering from this dread condition, we ask you to disseminate the information here as far and wide and as quickly as you can.  The quicker it spreads, the less likely they will be able to control it.  Both schizophrenic patients and practicing clinicians who apply the information we present here will see the truth of it for themselves. 



Remedy – turn off your TV.  Do some research on the way TV frequencies affect the brain

4.   Meditation

Meditation is one of the most positive and productive things anyone can do for themselves in any situation.  There are many forms of meditation and none of them are “wrong”.  

We know it is extremely difficult for schizophrenic patients to meditate as the voices are aware that if a patient succeeds in meditating, it is the graveyard for them.  This is where the patient needs to be reminded that the voices are conscious entities and are outside the patient trying to invade their mind. 

The voices fear a calm, peaceful mind and see this as dangerous to their survival.  The voices absolutely abhor a calm, tranquil mind which if maintained for a long enough period of time will starve them out.  This motivates the voices to get loud and berate the patient for even trying something like meditation. 

The voices are fully aware that if such practices were adopted they would starve to death and they will resist at all costs.  They will vehemently oppose any type of meditation, mantra or the patient’s participation in any kind of positive spiritual group.  Such activities are extremely toxic to them. 

To overcome this, let me say that a calm and peaceful mind does not mean one has to have a QUIET MIND.  Beginners who are not suffering with schizophrenia in meditation often comment that their minds are too busy to concentrate.  Therefore the patient need not worry about a busy mind.  What the patient needs to do is sit in any position that is comfortable.  Close your eyes.  Take a few deep breaths that feel comfortable (you can get into more disciplined breathing once the voices are gone).  

Picture something pleasant and this can be anything:  A photo or painting you like, a song that makes you feel at ease, a sound, taste or smell that brings a pleasant feeling, a place you’ve been or a place you want to visit some day, something that made you smile.  Hold that pleasant image in mind as long as it will stay and then picture some other positive scene.  Don’t try to hang on to anything that floats by.  Say hello and good-bye to each thought or image without trying to hold on to it.  Let it flow by like wind through a landscape. 

When you do this, the voices will no doubt show up to plant some terrible thought to distract you or mock you.  Let those thoughts go by just as easily as you let the pleasant image go.  In this exercise, it’s all the same to you.  You are not holding on to any of it.  You are not thinking about anything that comes in or goes out.  You’re just watching from the 10,000 foot level.  No judgment good or bad.  Just observing. 

Breathe normally. 

This technique robs the voices of any power to pollute your mind.  If they scream at you, say hello and good-bye just the same as everything else that passes by and picture something pleasant.  Even if you can only do this for one second, that’s fine.  Do it again then again and again, one second at a time if that’s all you can do. 

Try to do this exercise at least 5 minutes every day.  Start with 1 minute if 5 minutes is too much and work your way to five, then ten, then fifteen, then twenty minutes every day.  If you do this every day, as a matter of beginning a new life style, you will notice the voices are present less and less.  When they know their badgering you has no desired affect, they will see that you are no longer a food source for them and they will leave. 

5.   The “That’s a Lie Program”

See the article titled “That’s A Lie Program – Driving Off The Voices Schizophrenics Hear And Reducing Negative Thinking For The Rest Of Us

10.  Finding someone you can trust that you can talk to 

We saved this exercise for last as it is so beneficial to know someone with whom you feel safe.  Someone you can trust with telling them anything about yourself, like maybe the fact that you are hearing voices and you want some help eliminating them from your life.  

You want someone who will help you stay on track with steps 1 to 9 above until you can stand on your own two feet, free of the voices, and strong enough to instantly remember all the lessons in the above steps.  

This may be difficult as there will be few people who really understand what you are going through.  Be careful to choose someone who is non-judgmental.  You may decide not to tell them about the voices but keep other parts of your life open to them.  

Know that they will tell you nobody can be trusted.  Review the “That’s a Lie Program” in step 5 above to understand that there are people that can be trusted.  You just have to find them. 

Know that the voices will NOT want you to tell anyone about them and that many people will become fearful if you tell them the truth of what you are hearing.  Keep in mind that one of the major aims of the voices is to have you completely isolated so there is no interference with their dictates.  It is critical that you not allow the voices to isolate you.  

Know that isolating yourself from others and any source of help is one of their main goals.  Know that the love of family and friends is toxic to them.  

If they succeed in isolating you they can then insert all kinds of horrible things into your mind without interference from others trying to help you.  Once they whip you up into a frenzy of negative emotion, then you are ready to harvest.  Suddenly they attack and mysteriously your energy disappears.  Even though you know you didn’t use it and were lying in bed all night, you feel like you have been digging ditches all day in the hot sun you are so drained (
See Part V).  

Relating to your family and friends who are willing to help robs the voices of any control over your mind and helps you divert your thoughts away from accepting negative thinking so that you may concentrate on steps 1 to 9 above. 

When you find someone with whom you are comfortable and who wants to help, ask them to review these articles.  This will help them help you more effectively.

Don’t be fooled by half-truths told by the voices.  You are not what has happened to you, nor are you the worst thing you have ever done. 

When under an attack by the voices they will attempt to fill your mind with all kinds of horrible things about yourself, which are all lies.  It’s not too much to remember the words “That’s a Lie” no matter how hard you are being hit.  

I received an email comment from a person who used this program on his own when being attacked and the voices countered back: “Cute.  But it’s too late for you.”  Of course that was a lie. 

IT IS NEVER TOO LATE FOR ANYONE.  This person was caught off guard and began to wonder if it was too late for him like the voices said.  Was that the end for him?  No, he just had to give it another go.  

Don’t get caught up in that kind of attempted trickery.  You have to understand that the voices are not going to say anything nice about who you are or what mistakes you may have made in the past.  They are not going to set you free on their own – not if there is a chance they can trick you into getting emotionally charged.  So recognize that everything they say to you about you is a lie.  Everything.