BELOW IS A COLLECTION OF WHAT THE "VOICES" HAVE TOLD HUNDREDS OF SCHIZOPHRENICS WHO WERE QUESTIONED ABOUT WHAT THE VOICES THEY REPORTED HEARING ACTUALLY SAID TO THEM.  ACCORDING TO PSYCHIATRY THESE VOICES ARE HALLUCINATIONS.  MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND.  Update 10-3-18: Here is another great list of the lies told to people by these invisible entities: https://selfdefinition.org/hearing-voices/silences/summary-of-ploys.htm

By Dr. J.
Apr. 08, 2016

Before I get to the list of what the “voices” schizophrenics hear actually tell them, I’d like to give a brief history of how the study of this phenomenon originated.  First of all, psychiatry has labeled schizophrenia a thought disorder but there is not a single study anywhere about the distorted thoughts these patients experience despite the fact that it is the “voices” which psychiatry has labeled hallucinations which drives the bizarre, self destructive behavior of these patients.

Over the past 35 years I’ve worked in one of the largest psychiatric hospitals on the planet, the psychology department of a large state prison, mental health centers and several hospital ER’s with psychiatric patients.  Finding curious inconsistencies with the establishment’s proclamation that the “voices” schizophrenics hear are hallucinations, many years ago I began to study them.  Since then I’ve interviewed and intensely worked with many hundreds of schizophrenic patients questioning them as to the content of the voices they hear that the rest of us can’t.  I discovered that to a large degree, it was these voices that drove their perplexing behavior.  Although these patients for eons have reported their voices to be terrifyingly real, psychiatry, in their infinite arrogance, without so much as a single study, has labeled them mere “hallucinations”, the result of a broken brain.  They were consequently pronounced insignificant, an immense mistake.  Although they labeled schizophrenia as a thought disorder, oddly, they made not a single study of the disordered thoughts of these patients.

But they’ve done worse than that.  They have blocked and chastised any mental health worker who tried to question these patients to determine what it was they were hearing and what they were being told.  They claim that questioning these patients about the voices they hear makes these patients worse by reinforcing their hallucinations as real.  While attempting to learn what the “voices” tell these patients, I’ve been called on the carpet more than once and told to stop or risk my job.  Attempts made to point out clearly observable, consistent patterns the “voices” displayed inconsistent with hallucinations fell on deaf ears and labeled by one psychiatrist as “new age crap.”  I was given a write up that went on my record.

While working in a large state psychiatric hospital, many of these patients insisted the voices they heard were very real, were speaking to them, commanding them to do bad things and they were speaking back to them.  Psychiatry dubbed the phenomenon, “Command Hallucinations.”  These patients were often observed walking around appearing to be talking to themselves.  In reality they were carrying on coherent conversations with these mysterious voices.  Most reported what they were being told by them was extremely disturbing. 

In defiance of psychiatry’s orders, I continued questioning scores of schizophrenic patients about the content of the voices they heard.  It quickly became evident that what these patients were hearing was not random as would be expected if the voices were hallucinations.  To the contrary, patient after patient reported the “voices” were ugly, disturbing, derogatory and consistently negative and abusive.  If they were merely hallucinations as psychiatry insists they should have been as random and as individualistic as the patients themselves, some positive; some negative; some neutral or just plain nonsensical.  Instead many hundreds, of patients reported that the messages these “voices” were giving them was far from random, but unswervingly negative, derogatory, fearful, anxiety-provoking and destructive to their well- being. 

The question then became, what was it that held and confined their content to such a negative course of information?  What were they?  How did they operate and what effect were they having on the patient?

Mental health staff, programmed to believe the “voices” were hallucinations were of no assistance convinced the voices were hallucinations, they would look no further.  There were no other avenues available to garner new information on this phenomenon; no articles, documents or journal articles or studies had been made on the “voices” that anywhere near conformed to what I was being told directly by patients.  The only source for new information was the patients themselves.

Most schizophrenic patients reported they heard the voices in their heads as if they were their own thoughts but their content was typically frightening and disturbing.  Psychiatric “experts”, told these patients their voices were the result of a chemical brain imbalance that was incurable and would require them to take anti-psychotic medications for life.  Some patients believe this but many did not. 

Those who did not were split along two lines.  One group maintained that the voices did not belong to them but had no idea what they were or where they came from.  They just knew the voices which materialized in their minds as thoughts were not their thoughts.  

A second group strongly believed the voices to be “demons.”  When asked why they though this, they generally reported, “Because they are ugly, evil and tell me to do bad things that are against my will and I really don’t want to do.”  Many reported the voices were repeatedly telling them to hurt themselves or someone else, something many refused to do.

Irrespective of what they thought the voices to be, all of them agreed they were always negative, derogatory and destructive in nature, ALWAYS.  Everything the voices told the, about themselves was belittling and appeared designed to make the patient feel worse about themselves.  Many suspected that what the voices were telling them were lies, but reported them to be so persistent, they became unsure. 

The voices repeatedly commanded them to do things against their will that would get them in trouble with authorities or others.  Some suspecting the voices were not different than who they actually were asked the voices, “Who are you?”  The unfailing response was, “We are you.” 

In short order, patients hearing these things and tried to tell others of them.  Others who couldn’t hear them became uncomfortable and avoided them.  There was no one they could talk to about what they were experiencing and no one who understood.  If they mentioned anything about the ugly voices nobody else could hear, people began to think they were spooky and something was wrong with them.  It was easier for these patients to withdraw, shut out and stay to themselves.  Nobody understood what they were going through, not even their psychiatrists.  The doctors who were supposed to know about these things made them feel worse by issuing the textbook diagnosis and telling patients they had an incurable brain malfunction which caused their hallucinations.  In short, their brains were irreparably broken.


At this point, I’d like to introduce Sherry, a retired professional engineer and good friend who experienced these voices first hand as a young woman, struggled with and found ways to get rid of them on her own without toxic medications.  I met her decades ago while she was operating one of the largest and most successful prison reform sites on the internet.  I’d known her for years before she told me that she had experienced the voices as a young woman.  We proved an interesting combination.  While I studied the voices from the outside, she’d experienced them on the inside and we began to trade information about them.  She had accomplished on her own what the doctors had not been able to.  She permanently got rid of the voices without any involvement with psychiatry or their medications.  Sherry’s direct experience with these things and how she overcame them has made her a very helpful player in teaching others plagued by these voices, how they operate and how to get rid of them without toxic medications.  Although she is not a physician; she makes a very valuable contribution by sharing her experiences and not barking up the wrong tree as the academics who insist the voices are hallucinations without ever having had any direct, first-hand experience with them. 

What Sherry discovered matched what I was finding as a clinician.  Her methods she discovered for getting rid of them was a world away from the band aide treatments of psychiatrists and their toxic medications, drugs which only mask the symptoms.  When patients hit the point where they can no longer afford the exorbitant fees for these medications, the voices quickly return.  Sherry believes that if she was able to get rid of the voices that plagued her on her own, you can too and I fully agree with her.  She firmly believes that this malady can be cured permanently if the patient is willing to put forth the effort required.  She is living proof. 

She will be posting more about her story on my
Facebook page.  Of significance is a simple and powerful tool she developed that she has labeled the, "That's a Lie Program".  She utilized this program to rewire her thinking.  Anyone who really wants to do the work required can also rewire their thinking and free themselves from this life-destroying thought disorder on their own, permanently.  Sherry insists that being attacked by the voices does not constitute having a thought disorder.  Following the instructions of the voices does.  Using her “That’s a Lie Program” with diligence over time will allow you to make great progress in weakening or in some cases ridding yourself of these voices. 

Disclaimer about using anti-psychotic medications:  In many cases when a patient first came into the prison or ER, their voices were so strong that often I and the positive forces that worked with me were not able to shut them up long enough to give the patient any useful information with which to fight back.  Once put on anti-psychotic drugs, they calmed the patient significantly and weakened the voices which then allowed us to bring to bear the information the patient needed to help rid themselves of the voices.  Despite their destructive, long term effect, without these medications, many patients could not be reached.  Perhaps this explains why one of the first things the voices tell these patients is that the medications they are being given are poison and explains their chronic non-compliance with these medications. 

If the patient believed psychiatry, that the voices were hallucinations and their brains were malfunctioning due to a chemical brain imbalance they were much less likely to take in the kind of information we have to offer.  I’ve not witnessed the drugs interfering with their ability to understand what we have to say.  Also, although I found the “That’s a lie program” to be one of a number of powerful tools in weakening and sometimes getting rid of the voices.  More difficult to address is the fact that these entities can bend perception without talking to these people by causing them to perceive what is going on around them in a fearful and negative manner, as well as instilling nightmares.  However, I witnessed for myself in front line clinical practice that the “That’s a Lie program” works when the attack is verbal.  It is not very effective when the entities bend and warp the individual’s perception through non-verbal means which they do often. 

In clinical practice, it was found that it is much easier to reach these patients after they are put on anti-psychotic drugs and then given the information we have to offer.  Once they know how the voices operate, and have the tools in place and the willingness to fight back, then the crutch the medications provide can be slowly removed.  The fact of the matter is that anti-psychotic medications can and do serve a useful and important purpose.  The danger is that psychiatry, knowing nothing about what the voices are or any other means to get rid of them tell these people they must remain on these toxic medications for life.  With long term use, these drugs start destroying the parasympathetic nervous system causing EPS and other neurological maladies. 

I see the “That’s a Lie program” as one bullet in the magazine, it will be effective if the voices stick with verbal attacks.  My schizophrenic patients reported they found it a very valuable tool in fighting back against the tyranny of their voices.  Sherry is absolutely convinced that these voices are not hallucinations and has verified that the voices she heard for many years as a young woman were virtually the same in content as those listed below gathered from hundreds of first hand patient reports. 

We both agree that the basic mode of operation of the voices consists of telling the victim a set of lies and attempting to point out false evidence in an attempt to convince the patient that they are truths.  Having accomplished this, they often end up telling their victim to kill themselves which generates immense amounts of negative emotional energy which then mysteriously disappears leaving the victim without energy, tired and extremely depressed.  They tell their victims that they are a burden to everyone around them and that everyone will be glad when they are gone.  They delude their victims into thinking that these thoughts are their own.

Everything the voices tell people is designed to generate negative emotion.  Once the victim starts acting on what the voices tell them to do, the pump is primed.  When the victim has fallen for and obeyed what the voices had commanded them to do, the result is serious trouble with the authorities, other people and the further generation of massive amounts of negative emotion.  If they can get the person to act in a way that would get them thrown into jail or prison, extremely negative environments, the anxiety and fear factor dramatically increases and they have to do little work to make their victims generate negative emotional energy. 

Sherry has stated that the reason the voices are so consistently negative is precisely to force their victims generate as much negative emotional energy which these demonic entities feast on.  My experience on the front lines confirms this.  In almost every case after one of my patients reported being attacked by the voices they also reported feeling physically and emotionally drained immediately afterward.  Some stated they could feel their energy leaving, being drained away sometimes to the point they couldn’t get out of bed.  They became extremely weak and depressed.

When I reported this finding to psychiatry, it was received with derision and as of no significance.  When I informed Sherry of what I was seeing and the fact that these patients could actually feel their energy being drained off she explained;

“They are demonic entities and cannot produce the negative emotional energy they feed off themselves.  They need us to generate it for them.  That is why all the messages they put into the minds of these patients is consistently horribly negative and derogatory.” 

At the time she told me this, I remembered this very same explanation had been given by several Shamans who had also demonstrated their ability to cure, not merely suppress the symptoms of schizophrenia.

These are the messages Sherry experienced the voices telling her:

Also see Sherry's blog on the "That's a Lie" program

  • No one will ever love you because you are a piece of garbage, a waste of flesh.
  • You are poor and will remain poor because that is what you deserve.
  • Neither your family nor anyone else cares about you because you are rotten and don’t deserve love.
  • You have (whatever disease) because you deserve it and you can’t do anything about it.
  • You have no talent.  Who would ever hire you for a job?  You’re a failure.
  • You are worthless; you’ll never succeed at anything so give up trying.
  • You are the worse thing you’ve ever done and there’s no way to forgive yourself.

These are the messages my patients reported experiencing first hand:

  • Listen to the negative around you. Disregard the positive.  Avoid positive people.
  • Remember the bad things people have said about you.
  • You have no reason to feel good.
  • You don’t deserve respect.
  • Look what a mess the world, your family your relationships are.
  • You will never get what you want.
  • Your dreams will never come true.
  • Don’t trust your intuition.
  • Your desires and dreams are garbage, forget them.
  • Don’t watch comedy, you don’t deserve to feel good.
  • Don’t laugh too much.  People will think you’re stupid.
  • Don’t treat yourself with respect.
  • You don’t need to feel grateful; you have nothing to be grateful for.
  • It’s going to be another crappy day.  There is nothing to look forward to.
  • Others should treat you better.
  • You are worthless and your life has been filled with bad choices.
  • Nobody likes you so you shouldn’t like yourself.
  • You don’t deserve to dream.
  • You have no control over your life.
  • Don’t trust yourself or others.
  • You have nothing to be thankful for.
  • Your life is a mess.
  • Things are not going to get better for you.
  • Your life is meaningless.
  • Others deserve blame for what they’ve done to you.
  • You don’t deserve to be treated well.
  • People don’t care about you so why should you be kind to them.
  • You’ve got a lot of things to worry about.
  • You can’t change.
  • Don’t try anything new as you will fail. 
  • You’ll never have enough to survive.
  • You will never achieve anything of significance.
  • You have no spirit and there is no God.
  • You have many painful decisions to face.
  • You are not worthy of such lofty dreams.
  • You will never accomplish anything significant.
  • You don’t deserve wealth and can’t handle money.
  • The world is an awful place.
  • My supervisor is such a jerk.
  • You have nothing to be happy or grateful for.
  • You are ugly.
  • You don’t have to listen to anyone, do your own thing.  Who do they think they are?
  • You have nothing worthwhile.  Everyone has better stuff.
  • You’re going to get sick if you …..
  • You have nothing to be grateful for.
  • Others are out to get you.
  • Look at all the ugliness around you.
  • That person needs a kick in the butt for what they’ve done.
  • You don’t have to be patient with anyone.
  • You don’t deserve to take time for yourself.
  • You are going to fail.
  • You can’t do it, don’t even try.
  • Give up on those stupid dreams, they will never come true.
  • You don’t deserve to enjoy anything.
  • Don’t trust yourself.
  • Your life is a mess.
  • You have too many things to worry about to relax.
  • Life is always stressful.
  • Who can be calm when all this crap is happening all around you?
  • You don’t owe anyone anything.
  • I have nothing to inspire me.
  • Life is a crock of crap.
  • You are not worthy of anything better.
  • You don’t have anything to be thankful for.
  • People around you don’t deserve to be appreciated.
  • Your future is grim.  You have nothing to look forward to.
  • You have no potential.
  • The world and life is boring.
  • There is no plan, everything is random; there is no order to things.
  • Don’t take any risks as you will fail and lose everything.
  • You are weak.
  • People don’t respect you if you don’t fight back.
  • You are stupid.
  • The worse will happen.  If anything can go wrong it will.
  • If you don’t react people will think you weak.
  • You are greedy and self-centered and so is everyone else.
  • Don’t ask Christ for help, he couldn’t even save himself.  What makes you think he will help you?
  • You are not creative.
  • There is no God.
  • Things never turn out right.
  • You have no power or control.
  • You don’t deserve success, prosperity or abundance.
  • Others are better than you are.
  • Others look down on you, you’re a fool.
  • People are annoying and disrespectful.
  • You can’t trust where things are going.  Your life is off course.
  • Look at all the bad things happening around you.
  • You don’t deserve what you want.
  • You will never be happy.
  • Remember what ____ said bad about you.
  • You attract bad people.
  • You have no friends.
  • You are not unique.
  • You are wasting your time.
  • You will never be great or successful.
  • You don’t deserve to be treated well.
  • People aren’t considerate of you, you don’t need to be considerate of them.
  • Your life isn’t going anywhere.
  • You have nothing to be happy about.
  • You can’t be confident of anything.
  • You don’t have enough for yourself to be giving anything away.
  • You are not worthy of anything better.
  • People don’t really care about you; they are only after what they can get from you.

Front line clinical experience

I can verify from 35 years of front line clinical experience that the messages that the voices tell patients are exactly as Sherry has listed them.  The list could go on indefinitely, all negative and derogatory.  The theme is always the same, NOT random but steadfastly negative.  What kind of hallucination would over many years and in different institutions CONSISTENTLY give patients this same message?  What kind of hallucination would tell consistently tell these patients that their  medications are poison and not to take them?  What is critical to understand is that although the negative messages and lies will change like a kaleidoscope they are all consistently negative and designed to elicit a negative emotional response.  There is a malicious intent behind them.  If the individual buys into their lies and deception, negative emotion will be generated and will mysteriously disappear leaving the patient weak and depressed.  The worse the person feels about themselves, the more negative energy will be generated.  After her first-hand experience with the voices, Sherry is steadfastly convinced that what is referred to as “thought disorder” or maybe faulty thinking has absolutely nothing to do with a brain malfunction due to a chemical imbalance as psychiatry maintains.  It has everything to do with buying into the lies these demonic voices or entities have inserted into the minds of their victims during an attack. 

I’m flabbergasted at psychiatry and the academic establishment for having the gall to label this phenomenon as mere hallucinations without having made a single solitary study as to the content of these voices which would have revealed that they are very predictable and run consistent repeatable patterns very unlike hallucinations. 

Psychology and Psychiatry have absolutely no idea where thoughts come from.  Many think consciousness resides inside the brain.  They think thought is the result of some kind of biological process for which there must be some kind of pill the drug companies can produce which will affect a cure.  I’ve gotten into trouble in graduate school more than once for asking professors where thoughts come from.  They consider such an inquiry akin to a child asking where a candle flame goes when you blow it out.  They don’t feel such a question is worthy of consideration despite the fact that it is thought that proceeds and drives behavior.  In order to understand why schizophrenics behave as they do, it is critical to understand how they think as they do and their thought patterns.  The current path the “experts” have taken and their arrogance in ignoring information that would reveal a cure, their refusal to study the “voices” and their pronouncement that schizophrenia is due to a chemical imbalance for which they have no solid evidence is arrogant and irresponsible.  

Now here’s the kicker

You may think that schizophrenics are the only ones who hear these things so it might come as a surprise to you that to different degrees, we all hear them.  Although schizophrenics are the top 1% of the normal curve and the presence of these voices is most noticeable in them, we are all subject to attack by these things.  No you say?  Here’s an example that has happened to us all.  You’re walking down the sidewalk and all of a sudden, out of the clear blue a thought barges into your head that is so horrible you shutter.  It is something you’d never do, something that gives you the willies just thinking about.  You are disgusted that such a thought even entered your mind and you push it out of awareness as quickly as possible.  You are horrified that it even entered your awareness.  Where did it come from?  It doesn’t belong to you.  You know it doesn’t belong to you.  It makes you sick to even think about it.  You know it is not you.  Now imagine having these kinds of thoughts bombarding you all your waking hours then being told they are hallucinations and you are mentally ill.  Would you want to tell anyone about what was happening to you?  Think about it.

In conclusion, we would encourage you to not take our word for the information above.  See for yourselves.  If you have a family member who is schizophrenic, ask them if the above information is not true.  If you are a practicing clinician, do the same.  The two critical aspects brought forth that can clearly be seen if one looks are:

(1) The voices are not random.  They are ALWAYS negative with a goal of generating negative emotion. 

(2)  After the voices attack the patient, they are physically and emotionally drained and depressed.  The pattern is consistent.

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