8-13-21 Quo Vadis, America? - S. Swiney & J. Marzinsky with Judith Kwoba on Nightflight.  In this video, we discuss how things are in America during the planscamdemic era.  We cover a gamut of topics.  This is a lively discussion across the board that you don't want to miss.

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8-19-22  Sherry Swiney: House Of Cards Crumbling Down HR1 with Judith Kwoba on Nightflight​

Sherry and Judith have a look at current events. From the energy crisis to war, financial upheaval, and the general polarization of society, it appears there is no level untouched from stress and problems. In the second hour, we look at the occult roots of this spiritual war.
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Panel: Marc Gray (France), Sherry Swiney (Kentucky US), Judith Kwoba (Germany, UK), James Bartley (Australia), and Wayne McRoy, Jr. (Pennsylvania, US)
This is a discussion you don't want to miss.

Saturday, January 30, 2021 - We covered many topics regarding how to Dispel the Masquerade & Remove the Lid on Manipulated Perception! Among which: Everything we think we know is false, due to COVID AND MUCH MORE; Focus on only a few aspects of this plan, that are obviously so fake and false: no isolated virus, unjustified death stats, lockdowns, bogus tests, bogus masks, toxic DNA tweaking & killer vaccines ahead, etc…The dark side entities can manipulate perception (examples will cover the details, i.e., covid, the election, history, ufos, etc); The dark side entities and parasites have possessed our minds on this side of the 3rd density world, especially our « satanic vampire elites » and the dumbed-down masses who can’t even think for themselves outside the box…. Dark side entities may include: demons (fallen angels), astral larva, parasites, E.T., interdimensional entities, archons, religious demiurgic archetypes, etc, etc…(they are all archontic in nature)Scientism has led us to AI-based and Transhumanist era we’re heading towards today. Focus on the mind control technology and magical spell undoing aspects of things to change our reality, and much more…
https://freedomufos.com/the-english-page/dtv-dimensions-tv/ for details about panel members

2-11-21 Perpetual Lockdown The SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028

​Sherry Swiney and Judith Kwoba have a good look at the document of the SPARS pandemic, predicted in 2025. Fortunately, the documents also points out how we can counteract.

​Video link: https://odysee.com/@Nightflight:7/zoom_0sherryswiney:c

Document link: https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/spars-pandemic-scenario-copy.pdf


3-11-22 Battling the Voices of the Hidden Predator: Sherry Swiney with Michelle DeVrieze



12-01-21 Negative Thoughts as Parasitic Entities with Sherry Swiney: An Alchemi-Culture Podcast - Join Phoenix as he interviews Sherry Swiney who is the creator of "That's a lie" program.  Sherry talks about how she feels negative thought patterns are often attributed to "dark side entities" and how they act very much like a parasite; invading the mind to access your memory in order to create relevant negative thoughts to elicit negative emotional responses from you so they can "feed" off of that energy. Sherry makes the point that everyone is susceptible to these negative entities and the best way to deal with these thoughts is to send love, laughter, and have no fear!


3-25-22 Sherry Swiney and Judith Kwoba analyze recent events and tie them to the last two years of our shared experience.  Given that Neptune is in Pisces until 2026 and that this signifies mass delusions and insanity, we are not even at half-time.
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11-27-20 Friday FARcast -- Canceling The Archonic Culture With Sherry Swiney/Robert Phoenix - The 11th House

Join me today as we explore the swarm of voices in our heads, thoughts not our own.  What are they?  Where do they come from?  What is the nature of the mind itself and how do we fortify ourselves against these whispers of doubt, defeat, destruction, and even death.
Sherry Swiney is the co-author of  "
An Amazing Journey Into the Psychotic Mind - Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower" along with psychiatric evaluator,  Jerry Marzinski.  It's a controversial, yet groundbreaking work on the nature of schizophrenia, revealing utterly shocking conclusions.

6-2-22 Sherry Swiney and Lorenzo (New NOW) as we delve deep into the mind’s voice and the lies that lay there.  In other words, who’s voice is that? The one that says such nasty things to most of us, much too often. Although they’ve lead very different lives, Sherry and Lorenzo have come to some similar conclusions about the voice of ‘sadistic suggestions’, that seems to plague just about all of us. Is it yours? Is it an alien? Are you going crazy or simply being encouraged to live happily ‘out of your mind’? Lorenzo would say there will come a time for all of us when it’s very important to learn to discern the difference between the ‘ego’s advice’ and your hearts gentle suggestions.
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Website: https://newagora.ca/

Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheNewNow

12-10-21 WHERE DO THOUGHTS COME FROM - Jerry Marzinsky and Sherry Swiney with Judith Kwoba on Nightflight

Website: https://odysee.com/@Nightflight:7.

12-4-20 Who or What Fuels Our Destructive Thoughts?

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