Elana Joan Cara singing Brahms Alto Rhapsody

Elana Joan Cara 1947-2014

So long my little sister, have fun where you are, let us hear from you from time to time.  Until we meet again.... lots of love, Sherry

​Memory Photos (collage)


Elana is my beloved little sister.  She made her transition to the other side on August 31, 2014 after her body was overcome with cancer.  What a beautiful woman, inside and outside.  She will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her.  Elana was a world traveler, singer (scholarship to The Juilliard School of Dance, Drama, and Music), spiritual teacher, music teacher, author, and so much more...

ELANA JOAN'S WEBSITE - Access Inner Dimensions

Elana's website is now gone but I managed to capture her pages in pdf before the system shut her website down after she passed.  Please see below to learn more about who this beautiful, remarkable, multi-talented and loving person she is/was.