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The Health Benefits of Tobacco and Cutting Through the Anti-Smoking Propaganda, By Bernhard Guenther, September 5, 2017

Research paper
A study of pyrazines in cigarettes and how additives might be used to enhance tobacco addiction


Background Nicotine is known as the drug that is responsible for the addicted behaviour of tobacco users, but it has poor reinforcing effects when administered alone. Tobacco product design features enhance abuse liability by (A) optimising the dynamic delivery of nicotine to central nervous system receptors, and affecting smokers’ withdrawal symptoms, mood and behaviour; and (B) effecting conditioned learning, through sensory cues, including aroma, touch and visual stimulation, to create perceptions of pending nicotine reward. This study examines the use of additives called ‘pyrazines’, which may enhance abuse potential, their introduction in ‘lights’ and subsequently in the highly market successful Marlboro Lights (Gold) cigarettes and eventually many major brands.

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Ever wonder why governments worldwide worked so hard to stop us smoking? Well - click this and find out.FRANCES LEADER
MAR 19, 2024

People gave up smoking by the millions. They believed the hype.


Within my own family I noticed that my grandparents were living a lot longer than anyone who did not smoke. I noticed that they would throw off coughs and colds faster than most and would not take time off work due to flu. They simply did not suffer as badly as non-smokers.

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WRHT-Harvard Study from 2016 - Nicotine Not Addictive / Only When Altered
Aug 2, 2023 • 58m

During the Harvard study, the scientists were focusing on how the inclusion of pyrazines in cigarettes can easily enhance the addiction process. They allege that back in the 1990’s, Big Tobacco was getting a great deal of negative press. It was the era of Bill Clinton and the “sin tax” on tobacco, and scientists at the time were sounding the alarm bells that smoking is bad for your health. So, Big Tobacco began introducing “low tar” alternatives. But these low tar cigarettes simply lacked the full-bodied flavor of the more traditional brands is, until Big Tobacco discovered pyrazines that can dramatically alter the tastes of the related smoke. According to the Harvard study, it is these pyrazines – not the nicotine – that is utterly addictive.

Plus the sneaky but huge secret that THEY have been keeping for a long time regarding the health benefits of nicotine. Benefits that will astound you if you are not too brainwashed by the master deceivers and deceptors.

3500 year old pipe reveals Americans were smoking tobacco much earlier than previously thought - One could assume that since they had created a tool for the use of tobacco that they may have actually been using it for much longer. For more on the history and beneficial properties of smoking organic tobacco, see:

Lung Cancer Programs - German New Medicine - Smoking does not cause lung cancer. There, I said it.  I understand that is quite a  controversial statement.  Is smoking good for you, no. Is it advisable, no. Is it a dirty habit, yes. Can it potentially weaken the lung tissue, predisposing an individual to the effects of a biological conflict shock, perhaps.

How does tobacco relate to the Black Death and the Great Plague?

Traditionally Tobacco was a Sacred Healing Plant

The list of 599 additives approved by the US Government for use in the manufacture of cigarettes is something every smoker should see

Cigarette Ingredients added by Government

Oldest People in the World - All Smokers

If you are going to smoke, be sure to use cigarettes that do not have any additives.