The Health Benefits of Tobacco and Cutting Through the Anti-Smoking Propaganda, By Bernhard Guenther, September 5, 2017

3500 year old pipe reveals Americans were smoking tobacco much earlier than previously thought - One could assume that since they had created a tool for the use of tobacco that they may have actually been using it for much longer. For more on the history and beneficial properties of smoking organic tobacco, see:

Lung Cancer Programs - German New Medicine - Smoking does not cause lung cancer. There, I said it.  I understand that is quite a  controversial statement.  Is smoking good for you, no. Is it advisable, no. Is it a dirty habit, yes. Can it potentially weaken the lung tissue, predisposing an individual to the effects of a biological conflict shock, perhaps.

How does tobacco relate to the Black Death and the Great Plague?

Traditionally Tobacco was a Sacred Healing Plant

The list of 599 additives approved by the US Government for use in the manufacture of cigarettes is something every smoker should see

Cigarette Ingredients added by Government

Oldest People in the World - All Smokers

If you are going to smoke, be sure to use cigarettes that do not have any additives.