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2009 Report of the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions by Philip Alston - Addendum - May 26, 2009: Mission to the United States of America - added June 06, 2009.  Philip Alston writes: "Serious flaws in the system are of obvious significance to the innocent convicted person, but also of serious concern for victims' families and the wider community, because wrongful convictions mean that true criminals remain at large." -- "But the truth is that Alabama's capital system is simply not designed to uncover cases of innocence, however compelling they might be. . . .but its officials would rather deny than confront criminal justice system flaws."
Patrick's letter to Alabama Germany Partnership — July 25, 2008

Philip Alston's response to Patrick — July 24, 2008

Patrick's letter to Philip Alston — July 11, 2008

Patrick's letter to NY Times — July 10, 2008

Patrick's letter to Philip Alston — July 5, 2008

Wilson's response to Patrick — July 3, 2008

Patrick's letter to Wilson — June 21, 2008

Wilson's withdrawal letter to Patrick — July 5, 2006 - At the height of scientifically proving innocence so that the courts could not back out, Patrick's lawyer was shipped to Iraq with an offer "he couldn't refuse".

AWL - American Whistleblowers' League — June 25, 2006

NJCDLP - National Judicial Conduct and Disability Law Project — June 25, 2006

Kirwan Studios — June 25, 2006

Innocent In Prison Project International — June 22, 2006 — June 21, 2006

AAPPI support — November 27, 2004

News Report - Source: CBS 42 — August 13, 2003 - news agency refused to speak about case any further

News Report - Source: NBC13 — August 13, 2003 - investigative reporter was fired and she fled to Florida for protection

Man Serving Life Sentence Petitions For Conviction To Be Set Aside Attorney Says New Technology Proves Man's Innocence 

Canary in the Coal Mine


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