Natural Cures for Brain Fog - This site covers human and pet remedies of many kinds.  The link is for Natural Cures for Brain Fog but you can find many other remedies by browsing.

Carnivora is the 100 percent absolutely PURE PHYTONUTRIENT EXTRACT and CAPSULE of Dionaea Muscipula, the particular species of the venus flytrap plant. Development of this extract began in Germany in the late 1970's by German physician Dr. Helmut Keller.

Orgone Energy

Can Science Harness The Force of Life? The Suppressed Works of Dr. Wilhelm Reich

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for medical physician opinions on using orgone for healing.

John Waterman, N.D. former professor of pre-med and nursing biological science from Lake Michigan College., and has taught homeopathy, herbology, and alternative therapies to the public and practitioners.
He currently offers long distant clinical services, offering integrated health alternatives.

​15 Plants and Herbs That Boost Lung Health, Heal Respiratory Infections And Even Repair Pulmonary Damage

​9-19-22 Drink This for a Fatty Liver and Gallstones

Benefits of Coffee Consumption

Did you know that you can train your brain to heal ANYTHING!?  Is it easy?  No.  Is it doable?  Absolutely yes.

Evolve Your Brain By Dr. Joe Dispenza

1. What inspired and motivated you to write this book?

An experience I had 20 years ago inspired me to investigate the power of the brain to alter our life. As I describe in the book, much of my spine was crushed in a bike accident, and four surgeons said my only option to avoid paralysis was a type of surgery that would have left me with a permanent disability and possibly, lifelong pain. I had to make the toughest decision of my life, but I turned down the surgery and turned instead to the innate intelligence that constantly gives life to everyone one of us. Ten weeks later, without surgery, I was back at work, completely healed and pain-free. I give credit in the book to many factors that contributed to my healing.

Because of that experience, I promised myself to spend a major portion of my life studying the phenomenon of mind over matter and spontaneous healing, meaning how the body repairs itself or rids itself of disease without traditional medical interventions such as surgery or drugs. And so I've spent many years studying about human potential, about our ability to transcend or be greater than our personal limitations, and about the interconnectedness of the brain, the mind, the body, and consciousness.

Until just a few decades ago, science had led us to believe that we were doomed by genetics, hobbled by conditioning, and should resign ourselves to the proverbial thinking about old dogs not being able to learn new tricks. However, what I've discovered in studying the brain and its effect on behavior the last 20 years has made me enormously hopeful about human beings and our ability to change. We have just needed to know how to change, and today, neuroscience has a very solid explanation for how mind over matter works; it's no longer a pie-in-the-sky concept. The science of changing our mind is now available, and I wrote Evolve Your Brain to help make this science accessible to everyone.

Earthing / Grounding with Clint Ober and Dr. Christy Weston

The Surprising Health Benefits of Oxidative Medicine by Dr. Mercola

​The benefits of whole body vibration machines - What is Whole Body Vibration?

The Whole Body Vibration Machines forms an effective component for overall training in fitness centers. It increases the results of fitness training and also adds novelty, variation and fun! With the WBV Machines, you are not only offering Total Body Training, but also relaxing ‘massage training’. What’s more; WBV Machines is a tool key in fitness as it enhances flexibility and range of motion while strengthening muscles and balance. The WBV Machines is the scientific answer on non-surgical body shaping. You will feel, and see the effects of WBV Machines training almost immediately!

Benefits of Coffee Consumption put to music

Caprylic Acid (C8) Research - This article outlines the benefits of caprylic acid (C8) vs medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil and coconut oil. C8 products are refined forms of coconut and/ or palm oil that contain only caprylic acid triglycerides.

5-12-22 Blood Pressure Course with Dr. B - Promo 2 - Coffee, Tea & Water

Biology of Belief - by Bruce Lipton (full documentary)

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Sample exercises on whole body vibration machine 2 minutes

18 Natural Sleep Aids to Get Better Sleep
The truth is, technology, stress, energy drinks, prescribed and OTC medications all contribute to sleeplessness.  Have a look at these remedies that are not harmful to the body and allow the body to do what it does so well.

12-23-23 Dark Entity Solutions: Get the Demons Out! - A New Healing remedy called FloAlive​ (1:32:08)

With Jerry Marzinsky, Sherry Swiney, and Dr. Brent Davis from FlorAlive.  Do you also hear those voices of dark and negative intent?! I know I do and have, in one way or another my entire life. Pretty much from first breath until today we are invaded by what some call 'The Archons', others say Weitiko or The Flyers, Volodores...whatever the name, these shadows influence from fully psychotic to lack of self-worth and every shade of shadow in-between.​

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The Proven Dangers of Microwaves

Atoms, molecules and cells hit by this hard electromagnetic radiation are forced to reverse polarity 1 to 100 billion times a second. There are no atoms, molecules or cells of any organic system able to withstand such a violent, destructive power for any extended period of time, not even in the low energy range of milliwatts."Of all the natural substances-which are polar-the oxygen of water molecules reacts most sensitively. This is how microwave cooking heat is generated-friction from this violence in water molecules. Structures of molecules are torn apart, molecules are forcefully deformed (called structural isomerism) and thus become impaired in quality.​

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Dr. Bill Gray, M.D. - Homeopathy, the Nontoxic Approach to Illness (57 minutes) - Published Jan. 12, 2017.  Dr. Gray website  

WHAT YOUR POOP SAYS ABOUT YOUR HEALTH - There’s no doubt that what goes into our bodies is a testimony to our health. But did you know that what’s coming out also says a lot about your well being? 

Dr. John Demartini Lecture Published on May 5, 2013


DON TOLMAN - The Whole Foods Medicine Man - Pulse - Farmacist Desk Reference - #love Self Care

Dr Zac Bush - Gut/Brain Injury: How, why, and what you can do about it

Published June 10, 2015

Why does the body need Borax?

What happens with Borax deficiency?

An organic apple grown in good soil may have 20 mg boron, but if grown with fertilizer it may have only 1 mg of boron.

6 Foods that Fight Pain

Proof the Red Cross Cured 154 Malaria Cases with MMS

32 Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (8 are Backed by Scientific Research)

Gluten Effect: How "Innocent" Wheat Is Ruining Your Health

7 Reasons to Stop Eating Bread

The 6 Best Ways To Heal Your Gut & Restore Your Health
All diseases begin in the gut – Hippocrates
Did you know that the health of your large intestine is reflected in the health of your skin?
Top 10 Detox Foods to Eat for Better Health and Beautiful Skin
If you drink decaffeinated coffee, make sure the caffeine was removed using water and not toxic chemical solvents

13 Proven Health Benefits of Coffee (best is Organic Coffee)

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The Science of Raw Food

Cocao, The Health Miracle

10 Foods That Detox Your Body and Cleanse Your Liver

MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution (click on the picture above)

Note: MMS is getting increasingly harder to find.  Here are additional links for MMS we've found:​!/Sacramental-Cleansing-Water-MMS-Sodium-Chlorite/p/43171147/category=11018237


See also Essential Oils

Optimize Your Mitochondrial Metabolism - We're now starting to realize that mitochondrial dysfunction is at the core of virtually all diseases, and support for nutritional ketosis is growing by leaps and bounds. 2016 was a breakthrough year for this kind of information.  Caprylic Acid (C8) recommended.

Little discussed -- Vitamin K2 deficiency leaves you vulnerable for a number of chronic diseases.