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Beyond Politics, Poverty and War

​The Venus Project proposes an alternative vision of what the future can be if we apply what we already know in order to achieve a sustainable new world civilization. It calls for a straightforward redesign of our culture in which the age-old inadequacies of war, poverty, hunger, debt and unnecessary human suffering are viewed not only as avoidable, but as totally unacceptable. Anything less will result in a continuation of the same catalog of problems inherent in today's world.

​What is The Venus Project?

The Venus Project is an organization that proposes a feasible plan of action for social change, one that works towards a peaceful and sustainable global civilization. It outlines an alternative to strive toward where human rights are no longer paper proclamations but a way of life.

We propose a fresh, holistic approach – one that is dedicated to human and environmental concerns. It is an attainable vision of a bright and better future, one that is appropriate to the times in which we live, and both practical and feasible for a positive future for all the world’s people.

Read the Futurism article on The Venus Project

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Current volunteering opportunities

Engineers, Architects, Technicians Required
The Venus Project is currently engaging in initial detailed design procedures for our next phase: the Center for Resource Management. The building designs are taken directly from the over 5500 […]

Land Acquisition
The Venus Project recently began design and development work towards our next phase: the Center for Resource Management. This facility, which is a stepping stone to the first city, will […]

Web Development
The Venus Project website is the digital face of the organization but it’s something significantly different than most commercial websites. It aims to provide information to its audience in a […]

Sociocyberneering Education Project
Training students by using well-thought-out methods is key if we are to use our time productively and efficiently. Investing time in individuals who will contribute significantly to the realization of […]

Audio-Video Transcriptions
Jacque Fresco spent over 80 years improving a system he named a Resource Based Economy. One of the most honorable things we, as volunteers, can do is to learn from […]

Classic Lectures Audio Mastering
This project can be viewed as the audio engineering extension of the Audio-Video Transcriptions project. Jacque Fresco gave lectures at his home starting from the 1950s. Ranging from late 1960s […]

Legal Consulting
Operating within the legal and monetary world, The Venus Project has to ensure that it complies with all relevant laws and can protect itself, as well as make the most […]

The Graphics Department needs people experienced in graphic design and illustration using professionals tools – especially Photoshop and Gimp. We also welcome those who bring new graphic ideas to help […]

Data-Driven Decisions Experts
The Venus Project is requesting the volunteer assistance of the following individuals: The interdisciplinary team efforts of the above individuals are to help develop and implement data-driven approaches to decisions […]

Human Resources
The Human Resources Department assists to ensure legal compliance at all times for The Venus Project and its volunteers through ongoing communication and coordination with internal and external Legal Counsel. […]

English Text Editing
The Editorial team aims to ensure that the text content in all materials produced by The Venus Project is grammatically correct and delivers the message in a clear way. The […]

Marketing, Journalism and Content Creation Professionals Needed
The Venus Project is looking for volunteers with backgrounds in Marketing and Digital Content Creation to work and collaborate with the marketing department. The main goals of this department are […]

The Venus Project Support
Abbreviated as TVP Support, this is a separate all-volunteer network whose aim is to raise local and global awareness of The Venus Project (TVP). We wanted to acknowledge them because of all […]

Linguistic Team International (LTI)
TVP’s official all-volunteer translation house, transcriptions and translations for global awareness. Join any of the highly collaborative, international, multi-interdisciplinary groups in “Translating to Change The World”. LTI is a mature, […]

Tools for Volunteers
For many years, we have been trying out many tools and different platforms for communication, document management, project management and other forms of collaboration. We have found the following to […]

​A Global Holistic Solution: Resource Based Economy

Global problems faced by mankind today are impacting individuals and nations rapidly. Climate change, famine, war, epidemics of deadly diseases and environmental pollution contribute to the long list of global challenges we, as humans, need to promptly address before an eventual catastrophe swiftly becomes inevitable.


The End of Capitalism, Redesign of Society and Rise of Resource Based Economy with Roxanne Meadows of The Venus Project

July 27, 2018

​About this Episode

Roxanne Meadows (@roxmeadows) is the cofounder The Venus Project (@thevenusproject), an ambitious project looking to find alternative solutions to the many problems that confront the world today and ultimately build an experimental city to design the future of humanity. From 1975 to the present, Roxanne has worked with renowned futurist, Jacque Fresco until his death in 2017.

The Venus Project offers society a broader spectrum of choices based on the scientific possibilities directed toward a new era of peace and sustainability for all. Through the global Resourced Based Economy, and many other innovative and environmentally friendly technologies directly applied to the social system, The Venus Project plans to dramatically reduce crime, poverty, hunger, homelessness, and many other pressing problems that are common throughout the world today.

By training Roxanne is a technical illustrator , architect, model creator and scientist. Since 1985 she has worked on models and designs to improve architectural development in the United States, in addition to numerous films and publications.

The Venus Project has been featured in dozens of publications, news outlets and podcasts and Roxanne personally has presented at conferences and seminars in over 25 countries including joint presentation with with Mr Fresco to the United Nations.

In our wide-ranging conversation, we cover many things, including:

How we can transition from a world of scarcity to a world of abundance
The possibilities of a post-capitalist world
Why universal basic income is a bandaid rather than a solution to the world's problems
How and why we need to address climate change
Why The Venus Project is re-engineering society to suit modern life
How government perpetuates inequality
Why Roxanne believes in a Resource Based Economy
Where we are headed with urban planning and future of cities
The reason utopia and "too good to be true" are bullshit terms
How the future looks like in a multi-planetary civilization

ABOUT UBUNTU - presented by Michael Tellinger.

Documentaries on Gaia TV



Facebook - A World Without Money

​People are the gifts, the people are the power, the genius, the brilliance, and the vision that has created everything we see around us.  The current socio-economic structure of our countries and our world has failed us all. Everyday we are witness to untold assaults on our people and our planet as the criminals that have taken control, wage their wars of global domination and industrial aggregation in a blind greed, that is destroying us and the exquisite planet we, and countless others, rely on for life.

We will no longer sit idly by watching the destruction of our countries, our towns and human potential, by the greed of corporate entities who control our governments for their profit. We rise knowing that the assault on our liberties and future prosperity will end with our ability to take action. We, the people, are uniting and creating a new way…a new system…a future filled with hope & beauty for ourselves and our children.

We are creating a totally new system that turns competition into collaboration…a new social structure where we all benefit from our collective efforts and individual talents… a new world where people are put before profits, and the resources and materials are used to enrich all our lives. This is the philosophy of UBUNTU… of Contributionism.

Every single one of us is born with valuable and unique gifts and talents that could be used to improve the lives of everyone around them, but instead these gifts are wasted in mundane week-long positions of servitude making profits for those wealthier than ourselves. Everything you see around you, from the cars to the crayons, started in the mind of a human; it was all designed, built, wrapped and delivered by humans or human-created machines. Your cosmetics, your smart phone, the jewelry you wear, your flatscreen, your entire home, all created by people for people. So why do so many have so little?

To understand UBUNTU we must first have a clear and open mind, erasing any preconceived notions of past systems that have failed us and releasing our beliefs that the current money-based system we live in is the only viable option. There is another way! Not only does it work in bringing abundance for all and resolving our many social and ecological problems, but it is also the only solution that leaves absolutely no opportunity for corruption

It takes time and deep reflection to recognize how truly insane the current system is, but once the penny drops that insanity becomes crystal clear – We are all trapped in a lifelong cycles, using most of the hours of our lives to create goods and services to earn money, to then buy back those very goods and services that we made and paid for with those precious hours of our lives. We are losing our lives to enrich a system that is destroying our planet and us. When instead, we could be working together to create towns, cities, countries and lives overflowing with abundance, food, arts, music, sports, technology, health, leisure and infinite variety.

The people are the gifts, the people are the power, the genius, the brilliance, and the vision that has created everything we see around us. We are told all the problems facing us are inevitable, that war, hunger and poverty are symptoms of the human condition and we need governments to protect us from ourselves. As many of us now realize, this is simply a lie to disempower us! ALL the decay, hunger, fear, and lack surrounding us are the direct results of the parasites profiteering off of us, which includes the governments we are told are there to serve us.

But there is another way; UBUNTU thrives because all our resources and materials are used to support the people, who in turn then support their own towns and communities by creating materials, products and services, which enrich the lives of everybody. Within UBUNTU everyone is an integral part of his or her community. Everyone contributes something, and everyone feels needed. Instead of shelves stocked with food while people starve, instead of warehouses brimming with shiny products that few can afford, we create supermarkets and warehouses full of products with no price label, and all anyone need do to access this bounty is to have made their weekly contribution to their own communities..

Money is the middle man that hinders & blocks progress & growth – we have the factories, industries, distribution systems, skills, talent & man-power to create all we need & more… we do not need money!



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