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Global control of our minds is broken when enough people wake up to what IS rather than what is manipulated to be.



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Child abuse

Explosive results of research into pedophilia among US DemocratsA Russian human rights organization has published research into pedophilia in the highest circles of the US government, which I would not like to withhold from the German audience.

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The Big Downside to Facial Recognition - PostScript Insights, with John L. Petersen (43:02)PostScript - The Arlington Institute
November 24, 2023
Could new technology, such as facial recognition, and even our smart phones, be leading us down a slippery slope of constrained personal freedom?



​TRUMP ADMIN “STREAMLINES” GMO REGS, June 14, 2019, reported by Giza Death Star  SHOCK as Trump signs executive order that will end most regulations and oversight on genetically engineered food, reported by Natural News on June 12, 2019.   "With Trump now seemingly siding with Monsanto / Bayer over the near-deregulation of genetically engineered foods, his second betrayal of health-conscious consumers will have many people asking what’s coming next. Will Trump promote Big Pharma’s mass drugging of children with psychiatric drugs? What corporate chemical horror will Trump back next?

"In fairness, had Hillary Clinton been elected president, there’s no question she would have aggressively pushed GMOs and mandatory vaccines, all while covering up her own deep-rooted corruption and repeated abuses of government power. Regardless, those of us who care deeply about health freedom and clean food must now begin to question Trump’s authenticity as a candidate who promised to challenge the status quo and drain the swamp.

"When it comes to science, there is no deeper or swampier swamp than the GMO industry and its long history of fake science, intimidation of journalists and payoffs to government regulators. By signing this executive order, Trump just poured more putrid swamp juice right into the swamp."


JULIAN ASSANGE, who founded Wikileaks, is arrested.  Dark Journalist report April 13, 2019 .  Richard Dolanreport April 14, 2019.

​Julian Assange is one of the most important journalists in history. The information that has been revealed via Wikileaks has become part of humanity's shared heritage of freedom of information. His organization's track record of accuracy has been impeccable, far more accurate than the dishonest legacy/corporate/mainstream/establishment media has ever been. For this reason, Assange has been in the crosshairs of the American national security state for a long time. Now it appears they have him. This is one more battle in the long war to roll back the freedom of information people have won since the creation of the Internet. 


​Exposing psychiatry as a fraud from top to bottom, by Jon Rappoport, January 18, 2018 - Regardless of what you think of Donald Trump, the deployment of psychiatrists to diagnose a person they oppose on political grounds is a tactic—not science... Here’s what’s happening. The honchos of psychiatry are seeing the handwriting on the wall. Their game has been exposed. They’re taking heavy flack on many fronts.  The chemical-imbalance theory is a fake. There are no defining physical tests for any of the 300 so-called mental disorders. All diagnoses are based on arbitrary clusters or menus of human behavior. The drugs are harmful, dangerous, toxic. Some of them induce violence. Suicide, homicide. Some of the drugs cause brain damage.  Psychiatry is a pseudoscience.


Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed:Press Release Today, Tuesday 7 March 2017, WikiLeaks begins its new series of leaks on the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Code-named "Vault 7" by WikiLeaks, it is the largest ever publication of confidential documents on the agency.  The first full part of the series, "Year Zero", comprises 8,761 documents and files from an isolated, high-security network situated inside the CIA's Center for Cyber Intelligence in Langley, Virgina. It follows an introductory disclosure last month of CIA targeting French political parties and candidates in the lead up to the 2012 presidential election.- 07 March 2017

Wikileaks Press Conference with Julian Assange:  Vault 7 CIA Hacking explained by Julian Assange - 09 March 2017.  Also at


Donald Trump Presidency: A look forward to 2017 and what to look for.  A lot to consider (if you listen).  2016 - 'It is, perhaps, the end of the beginning' The David Icke Videocast - 29 December 2016

Jewish People What we've been taught about the origins of the Jewish People does not correlate with documented historic fact.  "The Cruelest Hoax, Israel's Fake History" - The David Icke Videocast- 02 December 2016.

​UN Control Exclusive: The UN starts toward new control over the world's oceans - ​Overall, the hoped-for treaty will cover “two-thirds of the oceans, almost half the planet,” - The rationale behind the discussions: easing the rising pressure on the world’s undersea biodiversity wrought by over-fishing, pollution, the drainage of nutrients and other substances from surrounding lands, disturbance of underwater seabeds, and fears of even greater threats from underwater industrial technology, including underwater exploration for hydrocarbons.  CLICK HERE FOR THE U.N. RESOLUTION MANDATING THE TREATY - 08 April 08 2016

​UN Agenda 2030: A Recipe for Global Socialism - The Agenda - Perhaps the single most striking feature of Agenda 2030 is the practically undisguised roadmap to global socialism and corporatism/fascism, as countless analysts have pointed out. To begin with, consider the agenda’s Goal 10, which calls on the UN, national governments, and every person on Earth to “reduce inequality within and among countries.” To do that, the agreement continues, will “only be possible if wealth is shared and income inequality is addressed.” - 06 January 2016


TPP Terms: Final TPP text confirms worst fears: shadowy agreement poses a grave threat to the Internet and freedom of expression - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 05 November 2015

TPP TEXT:Treaties and International Law released by TPP Parties on 05 November 2015