December 28, 2016

A reader, who has been suffering abusive attacks from the voices for over twenty years, read Jerry’s article about how schizophrenic patients suffered significant loss of energy after being attacked by the voices.  

He wrote:  “They make me very weak.  I fight with them day and night to keep my sanity.  Siphoning off my energy is their main weapon.  They won’t let me listen to any information about what they are or how to get rid of them.  When I tried to listen to these interviews, I fell asleep.  Later, when I tried to remember what was said all I could remember was that there was nothing useful in them.  The deception was complete.”  AN

Jerry:  I've seen and experienced exactly what you are talking about with my patients who were hearing voices.  If they weren't ready for this kind of information or didn't have the will or strength to take in information about how to fight back against, weaken and eventually get rid of the voices they would yawn as if bored to death. 

This was a message from the voices to me that they had control of the individual and I was wasting my breath.  If the patient didn't show a willingness to hang in there and a desire to learn and struggle to get this information, I would quit trying to get it to them. 

With regard to patients who demonstrated they wanted to get rid of these voices and wanted to learn how that could be done, as they struggled to take in this information, their voices got much louder and would tell the patient I was stupid and crazy and not to listen to anything I had to say.

If the patient still was determined to listen, the voices would insist they leave my office, the ER or the hospital and get away from me.  If the patient still hung in there, they would tell the patient to attack me. 

These same messages were consistent across different hospitals and work settings as if whatever these entities were, they were all made from the same cookie cutter.  I found this very strange and inexplicable.  I did find ways to temporarily shut up the voices and would apply it to silence them for those patients who defied the demands above. 

I then found that if the patient didn't write down what they were told in their own words, the voices would make them forget everything they were told within just a couple of hours, just like you are experiencing, AN. 

For people out there, plagued by these voices, who are trying to use the
tools we've provided that help weaken and get rid of them, you can expect strong resistance to that information as well as the information we provide in the articles and videos here.  If the voices are strong, you will need to ask for spiritual help to overcome this resistance because you have already seen that you cannot do this on your own.  

Whether you are a religious person, agnostic or atheist, asking for spiritual help in this circumstance is a must because it works.  Before using the prayer examples we list on the link below, request to your guardian angels or higher self or spiritual guides for help in shutting up the voices so you can listen to the material we've put out to help you.  Then take notes and ask your higher power for help you assimilate and put the information to use.

I cover the spiritual help in detail

You are absolutely correct in reporting that these entities are siphoning off your energy.  They must turn it negative first.  It is what they feed off of.  This is a spiritual battle and you must ask for spiritual help.  If you don't ask, you won't receive it and it's extremely difficult to get rid of these things on your own if you don't know how.

Here are a few other websites we have created to help people like you, AN, who have seen for yourselves that the drugs psychiatrists fill you with don't cure anything but merely suppress the symptoms.  These drugs are one of the first things the voices will go after doing everything possible to convince you they either don't work or are poison.  Once they get you off them, you are fair game.  The down side is that even though these drugs do suppress the symptoms of schizophrenia, they are toxic and with long term use will rot out your nervous system causing
EPS and other disastrous nervous disorders. 

Keep listening to the
Off The Left Eye videos but before doing so, ask your higher power or guardian angels to silence your voices so you can hear what is being said.  The same goes for any of the videos or documents in these other sites below that will help you.  

Jerry Marzinsky BA M.Ed
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